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CITS running tour scam

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On  Friday January 13, 2012, my wife and myself departed for a 3 day tour of Hainan.
We were told that our plane from Shenzhen departed at 9PM. We were at the airport at 6:30PM only when we received or tickets did we find out the plane was scheduled to depart at 11:15PM and of course the plane was delayed one hour. So we waited not quite 6hrs for our plane.
The next morning when our tour bus picked us up at our hotel in Haikou, immediately one of the guides requested 240 yuan for the two of us. He was informed we had paid cash for the total trip and had a receipt which he was fully aware of.   Saturday night  after dinner at the hotel all the people ton our tour bus were given their keys to their room except for my wife and myself. My wife was told they wanted the 240  yuan and for two and one half hours they refused to give us our key. Only when we started to make our way to the hotel front desk, then they gave us our key. When I took a shower in this hotel room the water smelled of sulfur!
The next day the tour guides denied us entrance to a couple of the sights. That night Sunday we checked into out room took showers and went to sleep. In the morning when we woke I noticed some dark marks on an interior wall. There were decorative curtains and skirts on some of the wall. They were hiding a significant amount of back mold, that could be very toxic and can cause respiratory infections leading to death. When we informed our two guides and invited them to confirm the back mold they refused to look!
  We were dropped of at the Haikou airport at 6:15PM for our plane that was scheduled to depart at 11:10 pm but departed at 1:50AM.
  Two meals , on a scale of 1 to 10, a 5 and the other 7, I would rate a 2. I have been in China for 9 months and until this weekend I would rate all but 2, an 8 or above. Many meals we did not receive tea or even water.
  Of the three days we spent approximately 8 hours of actual sightseeing and the rest traveling and taken to sales presentations and shopping at overpriced stores, that people of the street would not enter as there only function was to take advantage of the bus tour travelers.
Thank you  CITS for the weekend !!!
If anyone can translate this into Chinese and send it to your friends and request they send it to their friends so this does not happen to them!!