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In harmony with the nature

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All-embracing and profound, classical Chinese garden horticulture is immensely rich in cultural real meaning. The landscaped gardens are built in unique style with fascinating and vibrant scenery. They not only serve ideal places for spending leisure time, but also manifest visibly the integration between art and wisdom.

Nan Lian Garden, which occupies an area of 35 000 m2, is a replica of a Tang style natural landscape garden characterised by hills, water features, trees and various artistic creations in its layout.  The design concept of the Garden is focused on a one-way circular touring route for quiet appreciation and contemplation.

Through the adoption of Chinese traditional landscaping techniques such as “borrowing scenes”, “concealing scenes”, and “penetrating scenes” to arrange spaces, the Garden creates in the middle of the city a beautiful green environment for visitors to appreciate the traces of beauty, listen to the magnificence and experience the atmosphere of charm, enabling their souls to be totally absorbed into this handsome world.

When I want to escape the urban “hustle and bustle”, I appreciate “this classical garden in a modern city”. I can enjoy a peaceful walk, the birds’ singing in a beautiful and natural site of precious old threes permeated with flowers’ fragrance. I can also take pleasure in tea and snacks as well as vegetarian food in the traditional structures.