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Mt Qingxiu of Guangxi

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My little dream of going to Mt.Qingxiu for a walk since I was a little girl had finally realized last Summer. I did indeed have a good time.


Located in the Southeast of Nanning, Mt.Qingxiu holds a good scene because of its year-round evergreenness feature.


I specially love the brand new entrance of Mt.Qingxiu. It is built with the unique wind-rain bridge architectural style of Guangxi Dong Nationality. The light-blue fundamental keynote against the bright sky background for sure enriches the vision of us.

The tower presented below is also equally appealing to me. It is called Qingshan Tower and stands for Mt.Qingxiu. Being the highest and biggest tower of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Qingshan Tower preserves the architectural style of Ming Dynasty: 9floors, 60meters high and 207ladders in total.

However, what attracts me most is the annual Nanning International Food Festival that holds in Mt.Qingxiu. People around can not only try the specialties of Guangxi, but also those of the Southeast Asian countries. Apart from foods, you can also enjoy a great variety of performances during this period.


My desire for this place grows as the world we live in makes “greenness” a luxury. And I will always have my best wishes for the maintainence of Mt.Qingxiu. I love Mt. Qingxiu!