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A Fairyland of Linzhi

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The trip to Linzhi is a magic journey to a wonderful fairyland.

Try to imagine this: it is Tibet’s early spring and most areas are covered with thick snow. Everything reaching your eyes is as white as Tibet’s pure sky. Suddenly, a certain pink part jumps into your sight which looks so beautiful among the white snow. It is Linzhi of Tibet, a place with many peach blossoms in the early spring. When you are here, you would feel like that you are in the fairyland.

Every early March, traveling to Linzhi from the State Road 318, the North line of Sichuan-Tibet, you can enjoy the view of peach blossoms on the hill foot of Himalayas which are in full blossom. Under the blue sky, alongside the banks of green lakes, the most touching beautiful sight belongs to these peach blossoms.

In the past I insisted that most kinds of flowers are very vulgar, especially the peach blossoms. In the famous city Hangzhou, there are many peach blossoms alongside the West Lake, but they just act the role of over-decoration in my view.

However, peach blossoms in Linzhi are totally different with that of Hangzhou City. They are not planted purposefully for sightseeing but are growing up naturally. Most of them are very big trees and scatter in the farmlands, roadsides and in the back of houses. In the hillside, the view of hundreds of thousands of peach blossoms strikes your view and makes you feel so unreal. Among such picturesque sight, you couldn't help to singing!