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Yubeng Deqin Yunnan

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There is a group of mountains on the border of Tibet and Yunnan called MeiliXueshan that have some of the best trekking found in China. There are two routes that you can take for the trekking. The first is a religious custom where you walk around holy mountain and takes around 4 days. The second is where you stay in a village that has some guest houses in the middle of a valley for 3 or more days. To start this trip you must go to Feilaisi, a small town directly after passing Deqin. The bus driver will take you there for an extra 5 kuai. When you wake up you can see the whole mountain range from a high viewpoint. Next, you need to get in one of the many “taxis” going to Xidan that are parked along the side of the road. Make sure and negotiate or they will overcharge you. Finally, you start an 8 hour hike from Xidan to Yubeng. While you are here you can visit an ice lake, climb to the sacred lake, go to the sacred waterfall, and other various treks. The three treks mentioned above are highly recommended. When you leave you can pay a local to take you along a river and through a canyon to another small village, where you can find a bus to leave. The road through the canyon is dangerous so if you do this you must have a guide and knowing how to speak a little Chinese is recommended. If your not up for this just trek back to Xidan. If you want any more information feel free to email me.