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Dehang Hunan

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Many people who travel Hunan usually go to Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang, but are unaware of a place called Dehang that is less touristy, cheaper, and has more cultural charm. You can get here by first going to Jishou, then taking a smaller bus (outside the bus station) to the geopark. The town itself is very small and picturesque. There are strange karst mountains surrounding ancient style buildings, and stone paved roads. You can get a ticket into the park for 60 kuai and a guest house should be 40 kuai per night. There are two main hikes that you can do. The first hike is towards the big waterfall and has an area where you can climb to the top of a mountain. This mountain has a stream that produces many waterfalls throughout the climb. The farmers here also grown tobacco and you can get a pound of it for a couple of dollars if you negotiate. The second hike leads you to another massive waterfall and to the top of a mountain that overlooks a series of impressive karst mountains. At the top there are also many other villages that are very beautiful to walk through and offers many other beautiful viewpoints. To get back to the town I recommend finding a bus and seeing the suspension bridge that they are building from a high view (might be difficult to do if you don't speak a little Chinese). The town also follows the daylight and closes when the sun goes down. The food here was very good and you can find an assortment of local wines at one of the restaurants. If you have any questions concerning Dehang feel free to send me an email.