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Xiamen Fujian

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Xiamen, Fujian is an interesting place to see in China. It has two particular points of interest. The first is an Island called GuLangYu, which is China's closest point to Taiwan. This Island is full of colonial buildings, beautiful gardens, a piano museum, a temple, an art school (art all over the island), and no cars. I would recommend spending two days here and buying a ticket for all the parks on the island. The guesthouses here are more expensive than most places in China but you can probably find something for around 200 Kuai. I was able to stay at a local persons house for free. You can take a ferry across for free to the island but it costs 8 kuai to return to the mainland.

The Second point of interest starts at a fortress at the Northern beach in Xiamen. After seeing all the cannons and walking along the beach, you can go to Xiamen University and look around one of the most beautiful college campuses in China. Next, you can go to Nanputusuo Temple climb the small mountain and end at a path that connects to the Xiamen Botanical Gardens. This Botanical garden is massive and takes half a day by itself to see. I would say you need another two days to do all of the above comfortably. From Xiamen you can take a fast train to many nearby cities (which ill post stories for in the future) or a bus to a famous mountain or the Hakka mud houses.