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Do you want to make your holidays memorable? Do you want to have a trip that can excite you each and every moment? Make up your mind for having some fascinating and unforgettable moments by planning your trip for China this time. China has so many reasons to be considered as an admirable place by the tourists. Being an ancient region of Asia, China possesses an extra ordinary heritage and civilization that has always been a centre of attraction for the tourists all over the world. The development of China and Chinese society during last few decades have resulted in some amazing locations, architecture and metropolitan cities that will surely inspire you to visit China. China’s great 7 are basically the most outstanding symbols of China’s identity and sources of magnetism for the tourists. We can call these symbols as China’s Great 7.

Let’s discuss these seven wonders of China.

1. The heart of China_ Beijing:


Being the capital of the country, Beijing has incorporated within itself various worthy places to be visited for sure. The impressive and a giant Palace complex at Beijing, is 1400 years old. The ancient Palace being ruled by 24 Kings for more than 500 years is a great symbol of China’s primeval history and dynamic architecture. Based on Feng shui principles, the palace was built with red walls with topping done with yellow. If you are planning to visit the capital city, then it will be nice experience to explore this palace. Along with that, Summer Palace of Beijing near the lake, with a marble boat built down to it, is an interesting place to attract tourists.

2. The Great Wall of China:

Great Wall

It is Chinese saying that if you have not seen the Great Wall of China, it means you have not seen China. The Great Wall of China which is 8850 KM long, has given a label of 7th wonder of the world. The tourists gather here in large number throughout the year especially to visit this great wonder.

3. Xi’an:

Xi’an is one of the most astonishing archeological pieces of wonder in China. Discovered in 1974, this ancient location is associated with Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor, after the death of whom, thousand clay made warriors were formed that could still be seen here.

4. Chinese cuisine:

For any country’s popularity, its cuisine and food specialties contribute the most. Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous and delicious cuisines of the world. The appetizing pecking duck, dumplings and fragrant Chinese teas are just a trailer of a mouth watering and innovative cuisine of China.

5. Beautiful Landscapes:

Your trip to China would remain incomplete if you do not enjoy the charming and appealing sights of gigantic landscapes. Especially, the Yangtze River passing through the Three George dam is an amazing divine symbol of natural beauty and peace.

6. Gorgeous Shanghai:


Among the most modernized and developed cities of China is Shanghai. Its riverside walk away called The Bund, Jin Mao Tower, and Chinese Oriental Pearl Tower are some of its places that make this city to be felt like Europe.

7. A friendly China:

In China, tourists are considered something unique and worth of consideration. Whenever you visit there, you would always receive a very warm welcome from people of all age groups. They will make you feel like you are nowhere but your own hometown.