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Hangzhou- Heaven on Earth

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If you want to explore the mystery of heaven, if you want to experience the beauty of a paradise, then you do not need to go above, China’s outstanding and extremely striking locations are there to make you experience a journey through heaven. China is the country that is full with charismatic locations and provinces. The cities represent quite worthy spots to be visited by tourists every year. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province is among those locations that enchanted you through its magical scenes and natural beauty. It has been centre of attraction for most of the tourists visiting China every year. 



Hangzhou is the city that is also famous for being a political, cultural and economic centre of China, along with other mega cities of the country. With captivating natural loveliness and plentiful artistic heritages, this city is labeled as 'Heaven on Earth' and one of China's most significant travelers’ venues. The City is situated on the superior site in the Yangtze Delta and lower sides of Qiantang River, in southeast China. This means it is located180 kilometers from the mega city of Shanghai.

The west lake of Hangzhou is certainly the most famous feature of hangzhou, well-known for the picturesque attractiveness that merges naturally with a lot of famous chronological and cultural locations. In this charming area, tomb of general yue fei, solitary hill, ling yin temple and the six harmonies pagoda are perhaps the most regularly visited places. The "ten west lake prospects" are particularly chosen to give the guest exceptional views of the monuments, lake and giant mountain ranges of Hangzhou. 


One of the most vital parts of wandering is experiencing the tastes of neighborhood delicacies. Hangzhou cuisine is noted for its sophisticated preparation, classy cooking and uplifting taste. Many home specialties will surely make your journey a cultural familiarity. These specialties include west lake’s fish in sugary sour sauce, dongpo pork, beggar's chicken which is baked in a clay, fried shrimps with tasty longjing tea and a lot more. 


The shopping surroundings in Hangzhou are highly moving and suitable. Tourists also like to visit Qing He Fang Street. It is considered as one of the most eminent and momentous streets in Hangzhou. Both domestic and foreign shoppers will esteem the traditional buildings while buying items from a broad variety of locally manufactured goods such as tea, silks, silk parasol, beautifully crafted Hangzhou fan and brocade. There are also so many items you can find in order to build an exciting collection reflecting the heritage and tradition of Chinese culture.


The nights of Hangzhou are quite cheerful, innovative and charming. These nights have so much to present to the visitors, that’s why, for visitors it’s a pleasure to spend a night at a city. The sweet smelling tea houses and a range of lively pubs are both bountiful and fashionable. Opting one while overlooking the beautiful scene of West Lake for an enjoyable chat over a mug of tea will surely make you sense entirely calm and revitalized.