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maasai mara safari

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I have been so interested in chinese people culture and untill recently when i had a chance to mingle on them on a safari. i was didnt know that they had so much to offer, Mr Lim was the so cool and he told me so much about their country. he come for a safari with his wife.

i had organised their safari and i knew they could be very happy with the safari. when they arrived at the airport i was there to greet and welcome them to kenya. after the usual briefing we headed to the hotel where they could take their breakfast and freshen up. 2hrs later we were on our way to the famous Maasai Mara.. they were so excited about this.

we arrived easly and very safe and check in at the hotel where for the next 11 day could be our home. the hotel was on of a kind.. perfect service.

we would wake up and leave for game drives with packed lunch anc could be back late in the evening. we took so many photos and video.. the one that we really liked was when the lions we mating... it was so lovely... and its very rare to see it.

we enjoyed bush lunch and game drives.

when our 11days adventure was over we had to pack our lagguage and back to Nairobi. and later we could head to MT KILIMANJARO . Mr Weng could not leave without seeing this beautiful roof of africa..

the safari was very lovely and we they wll be coming again in the year for a whole month.