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China is the country that is huge not only in size but enriched culture and interesting civilization is also found here in abundance. China’s old customs and dynamic traditional architecture along with the touch of highly advanced and modernized western touch, has always been a great source of attraction for the tourists. That’s the reason; thousands of tourists are seen here throughout the year who wants to explore this rapidly and astonishingly developed country.

Macau-A true symbol of China’s history:

Macau is one of those attractive sites that are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Located along the south eastern coast of China, Macau is famous for reflecting ancient culture of China and striking Portuguese buildings. The city’s name is extracted from the word “Magao”, meaning Temple. This temple is associated to a sea goddess, named Mazu, who is considered as truly sacred by natives. 

People & Places at Macau:

The majority of the population lives on the Macau Peninsula. Here you will find an assortment of both western and oriental historical and cultural places of attention and all kinds of aged buildings that are either traditional Chinese or European baroque in style. The merge of history, culture and people has created tremendous influences on all aspects of Macau’s life. A walk around the Macau Peninsular would surely carry you into a planet of fashion and antiques, contemporary and customary as well as calmness and lively environment.


Most tourists labeled it as a place suitable to both tourism and residence because of being a very beautiful and civilized city with dirt free streets, charming hilly landscapes and soothing gardens. Green lands, clean air, sunshine and all kinds of delicious cuisine, with Chinese as a specialty, contribute towards making it a place having many attractions. The city is the paradise for food lovers, because of having a wide choice of appetizing cuisines from the entire world including matchless traditional Cantonese cuisine, Macau-style Portuguese cuisine, and exotic foodstuff from Brazil Italy, India, France, Korea and Japan. 
Largo do Senado, is the grand main square with nearby simple, graceful baroque and Portuguese style buildings. It is also the busiest downtown part of Macau. Curio markets, clothing shops, snack stalls, pharmacies, and jewelry shops dwelling in the slim alleyways, emit from the square, sell alluring items. The city Ruins of St. Paul's is a past display wall of St. Paul's Church and Monte Fort. Both are one of the best conserved forts in the city of Macau. To the right side of the remains, the Museum of Macau conveys all the stories about the city's past. Macau Jockey Club's horse race attracts many gamblers from the close by areas. Bamboo Bay and Hac Sa Bay and are also considered as out of this world natural picturesque parts with the best beach bathing places.