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My own personal Interpreter took care of all my needs - Zhuhai Guangdong

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I move to Zhuhai guangdong from Sydney 5 months ago. This is the first city i want to start my new life because Its more popular with foreigners and its lifestyle isn’t too hectic. But What made it perfect was that I have found a expat service that made my stay hassle free.

Unlike most expats, coming to china without the knowledge of its inner workings and communication skills is a petrifying thought for a timid and cautious person like me. Before coming to this brave new world I thought I might need some help once I get there. I went online for the perfect city with a fairly perfect foreign assistance service catering me. There are countless expat websites and e communities but none is good enough to give me a complete peace of mind. That is until I found an agency that would handle almost everything for me. Its called China Expat Guidance.

Before I even set foot in china, they contacted me  with a step by step instruction about entering Zhuhai, what  documents I need. wrote down addresses for taxi drivers. They even prepared a few apartments for me to choose from based on my requirements. Accompanied me to complete the process with landlords to registration of my residency.

The next thing you know it. my personal agent of China expat Guidance set everything up for me. I felt like a king and not a lost puppy on the street. They were very helpful indeed.

I have now been a member of this agency for a while. I even tried the 24 emergency assistance. Which is great for party animal like me, knowing how hostile the streets are after mid night I can always count on them if things go south.

It’s only 300RMB per month for phone translation and 900 for accompanied services. Its really worth it for a peace of mind.

Just want to share this to everyone. If you have any similar expat assistance please share it with us.
And if you are interested in coming to zhuhai or is already in check out this service. It does everything for you.