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Longsheng-Longji terraces fields

Last updated by ViviChen at 2013/10/25; Destinations: Guilin


At 8:00am, we departed from The Twin Tower for our destination—The Longji Terraces Scenic Area. After about 4-hour driving and bumps, our large group of 40 or 50 people arrived at the entrance of Longji Terraces Scenic Area. I was excited. This was the first time I came to Longji. I had heard that Longji Terraces fields won the most wonderful and unique terrace in the world. I didn’t know how beautiful the terraces fields would be.
The stone stairs of Longji was very narrow and steep. I was out of breath from climbing up a small part of stairs. It is probably because of lacking physical training. However, we were cheerful along the way. From time to time, we told some jokes and took photos of each other. We saw villagers dressed in beautiful folk costumes along the way. Some of them were busy with farming; some of them were crying their wares. It made me happy.
On both sides of the road, there were many crafts shops, restaurants and hotels. Some special gadgets or trinkets were sold in shops; some shops sold dried chili or chili sauce. Chili of Longji is known to all locally. In front of the restaurants, we saw a local specialty—Bamboo Rice. Hotels here are wooden structure. It looked classic and comfortable.
About one hour later, we arrived at hillside and saw the most famous spot of Longji—it was “seven stars with the moon” which contained a poignant love story of minorities again. I could not remember the specific story but the scenery was indeed remarkable. At that moment, rice had been harvested and it gave people another feeling. I was intoxicated by the wisdom of minorities; I was intoxicated by how they cultivated terraces on high mountains.
Finally, we climbed to the top of the mountain. When the fog vanished, overlooking terraces fields from the top I found it was difficult to express my feeling. It was beyond description. More specially, they were all in different shapes, such as towers, snails.
We had our lunch at Pingan hotel which is half-way down the hill. Good dishes and good atmosphere. I liked wooden building. After lunch, we sauntered up and down, looking
villagers of Pingan and taking photos. Everywhere is picturesque, such as stone road, stone wall, the old ladies making straw sandals under the eaves…these makes me pleased.
At 3:00pm, we returned from Longji. I was exhausted and walked off my legs today but it counted. I wish I have chance to appreciate another view of Longji terraces next season.