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China Hotel Guide

Last updated by meimeili at 2013/11/29; Destinations: Beijing,Shanghai, Xi'an

Beijing Hotels

Red Wall Hotel Beijing

1.    More than 70% people like it on Trip Advisor.
2.    Convenient location: The Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Tian’anmen Square and Wangfujing Avenue and old Beijing hutongs are easy to reach from the hotel.

3.    Recommendations:
Clean rooms and free internet
High-quality workers
Tasty Chinese and western food

Red Wall Hotel Beijing

4.    Trip advisor reviewer Name123456 said: “Super service”
Staff is very helpful and professional Rooms are in good shape and kept clean Slept without disturbances 6 nights out of 6

Name in Chinese: 北京红墙君豪酒店
Address:  31 Shatan Bei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-59792331

Hotel Location:
5.    To Beijing Railway Station: 2 km and about 10 min by taxi
6.    To Tian’anmen Square: about 2.5 km
7.    To Beijing West Railway Station: 12 km and about 30 min by taxi
8.    To Beijing Capital International Airport: 25 km and about 40 min by taxi

Beijing Qianmen Jianguo Hotel

1.    Over 80% guests like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    Special Beijing Opera performances in Liyuan Theatre of the hotel
3.    Nearby attractions: the Temple of Heaven and Ji Xiaolan(a famous official in the Qing Dynasty)former residence

4.    Recommendations:
Clean rooms with comfortable beds
Friendly staff
Various excellent Chinese and Western food

5.    Trip advisor reviewer Joylon said: “Visited to watch Opera”
I was staying in Beijng in a nearby hotel and was directed to this hotel which has a theatre showing the Beijing Opera. The foyer was a delight and the staff very helpful. The theatre was highly entertaining and very colourful. A great evening.

Name in Chinese: 北京前门建国饭店
Address:  175 Yongan Road, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Tel: 010-63016688

Hotel Location:
1.    To Qianmen Avenue: 3 km and a ten-minute journey by taxi
2.    To Tian’anmen Square: 4 km and about 15 min by taxi
3.    To the Temple of Heaven: 2.5 km and about 10 min by taxi
4.    To Beijing Railway Station: about 6.5 km  
5.    To Beijing Capital International Airport: 35 km and about a 50-minute journey by taxi

Qianmen Jianguo Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing Chaoyang U-Town

1.    Over 80% guests like the hotel on Trip Advisor
2.    Pure German flavor beers made by the hotel staff are offered in Chinese and German restaurants.
3.    Advantageous location: Sanlitun Bar Street, famous Xiushui Street and shopping area are not far from the hotel.

4.    Recommendations:
Modern and comfortable rooms
Special German restaurant
Polite and friendly workers

5.    Trip advisor reviewer Marc L said: “Excellent”
What sets this hotel apart from other 5 star hotels is the bedrooms. I found the rooms to be extremely comfortable, modern and clean. Check In was fast and hassle free. Staff are attentive and friendly. I requested an iron and ironing board, it arrived within minutes…

Name in Chinese: 北京朝阳悠唐皇冠假日酒店
Address: 3 Sanfengbeili, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010-59096688

Hotel Location:
1.    To Tian’anmen Square: about 3 km
2.    To Beijing Railway Station: about 2.5 km
3.    To Beijing Capital International Airport: about 24 km

Shanghai Hotels

Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai

1.    More than 70% people like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    Offering comprehensive services such as foreign currency exchange service and ticket booking
3.    Invested by Canada Kingtown Hotel Management Company
4.    Good location in the center of Shanghai. Nanjing Walking Street, Shanghai Renmin Square and Shanghai Museum can be reached easily.

5.    Recommendations:
Convenient internet in rooms and wifi in public areas
Tasty Chinese and West food with many choices
Luxurious and comfortable rooms

6.    Trip advisor reviewer ReeseLR said: “Great Deal!”
I stayed there for 3 nights. The room was very clean. The maids were very nice. Only one staff member was able to speak english even though they advertised having english speaking staff. That was okay since it was only $55 a night. Great deal!

Name in Chinese: 上海广场嘉廷酒店
Address:  126 Xinzha Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-61371111

Hotel Location:
1.    To Nanjing Walking Street: less than 10-minute journey by walking
2.    To Shanghai Renmin Square: 0.5 km and about a 15-minute walking
3.    To Shanghai Railway Station: 2.5 km and about a 10-minute journey by taxi
4.    To Shanghai South Railway Station: 15 km and about a 30-minute journey by taxi

The Bund Hotel Shanghai

1.More than 70% travelers like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2. Great location in Shanghai flourishing area: Nanjing Walk Street, the Bund and Yuyuan Garden are easily to visit by walking.

3. Recommendations:
Clean and comfortable rooms
Friendly and high-quality workers
Comprehensive entertainment facilities

The Bund Hotel

5.    Trip advisor reviewer FelixF said: “Very Happy”
Stayed for 4 nights as part of a 13 night China Odesy tour. Was our best hotel .Assuming the cost was similar I was very happy all round, more of a 5 star than 4. We had a corner room that had no common walls so slept well. Roomy and clean I was actually impressed and it finished the holiday off nicely. The location is good…

Name in Chinese: 上海金外滩宾馆
Address:  525 Guangdong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-63522000

Hotel Location:
1.    To Shanghai Renmin Square: about 1 km
2.    To Shanghai Railway Station: about 4 km
3.    To Shanghai South Railway Station:about 12.5 km
4.    To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: about 15 km
5.    To Shanghai Pudong International Airport: about 40 km

Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

1.    More than 90% guests like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    Wonderful location: adjacent to Yuyuan Garden and the Bund in Shanghai
3.    Great entertainment facilities: Indoor swimming pool, Spa and fitness center

4.    Recommendations:
Great view outside the hotel
Modern and clean rooms
Chinese and Western style restaurants with various choices

5.    Trip advisor reviewer Denpetter said: “I loved it!”
This hotel is such a treat! Loved the spacious, elegant room, the fabulous fitness centre and enjoyed the amazing location which is right next to the yu-garden. The club floor was a great plus, with some of the best sushi I've ever tasted. The restaurants and service was top notch aswell. 5-stars. loved it!

Name in Chinese: 上海豫园万丽酒店
Address: 159 Henan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-23218888

Hotel Location:
1.    To the Bund: about 1.2 km and a 10-min walking
2.    To Shanghai Renmin Square: about 2.4 km
3.    To Xintiandi: about 3 km
4.    To Lujiazui Finance Center, Jingan Temple and Shanghai Railway Station: within 5 km

Xi'an Holtels

Xi’an Skytel Hotel

1.    More than 70% guests like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    Perfect location in the downtown of Xi’an. The Bell Tower, the Drum Tower,the Forest of Steles and the Ancient City Wall can be easily reached from the hotel.
3.    To take a walking in the evening near the hotel is a pleasant experience.

4.    Recommendations:
Spacious and clean rooms
Friendly staff
Excellent Chinese and Western food
Convenient telephone service to other cities at home and abroad

5. Trip advisor reviewer Sophia F said: “Nice clean hotel in a perfect location”
The best thing about this hotel by far has to be the location. It is situated within the city walls of Xian and is within walking distance of all the places I wanted to visit. The rooms were quite modern with lovely bathrooms and really comfy beds…

Name in Chinese: 西安天阅酒店
Address: 32 South Avenue, Beilin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi
Tel: 029-87632222

Hotel Location:
1.    To the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower: about 1 km and a 2-minute walking
2.    To Xi’an Railway Station: about 3 km
3.    To Xianyang International Airport: about 37 km

Xi’an Garden Hotel

1.    More than 80% travelers like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    Special Tang Dynasty style decorations: The hotel is filled with a lot of Tang Dynasty cultural elements.
3.    Serviced some important foreign guests such as the Mikado in Japan
4.    Excellent location: The Tang Paradise and Great Wild Goose Pagoda are less than 5 kilometers far from the hotel.

Xi’an Garden Hotel

5.    Recommendations:
Elegant atmosphere with beautiful scenery
Friendly and high-quality workers
Clean and tidy rooms
Wonderful Chinese and Western food with various choices

6. Trip advisor reviewer mcspoor said: “Really Liked”
Stayed at this hotel for 3 nights in 10/2012 and was very pleased. Nice breakfast buffet, beautiful landscaping, lagoon and walkway thru interior garden. Our room was quite comfortable and yes some rooms can be a bit of a walk from the lobby, but I personally enjoyed the stroll.

Name in Chinese: 西安唐华宾馆
Address: 40 Dayanta Yanyin Road, Yanta District, Xi’an
Tel: 029-87601111

Hotel Location:
1.    To Great Wild Goose Pagoda: about 1.5 km
2.    To the Tang Paradise: about 5 km
3.    To Small Wild Goose Pagoda: about 6 km
4.    To the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower: about 7 km
5.    To Xi’an Railway Station: about 9 km

Sofitel on Renmin Square Xi’an

1.    More than 90% guests like the hotel on Trip Advisor.
2.    French style hotel
3.    Professional Spa and fitness Center in the hotel

4.  Recommendations:
Modern and luxurious decorations
Grand banquet hall and theatre
Beautiful gardens with old trees
Free internet and wifi

5. Trip advisor reviewer mark s said: “Perfect place to stay in Xian”
Great staff location. Food outstanding. Would stay there again. So center lay located can walk to many of the shopping areas and sights within the walled city. We had a corner room and it was very clean and comfortable.

Name in Chinese: 西安索菲特人民大厦
Address: 319 Dongxii Street, Xicheng District, Xi’an
Tel: 029-87928888

Hotel Location:
1.    To the Bell Tower: about 2 km and a 15-to-20 minutes walking
2.    To Xi’an Railway Station: about 2km
3.    To the Beilin Museum:about 3 km
4.    To the Great Mosque in Xi’an: about 4 km