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Where to travel on the second trip to China?

Last updated by meimeili at 2013/11/29; Destinations: Beijing,Shanghai,Xi'an, Guilin

You have experienced a historical and cultural journey in Beijing and Xi’an, a modern Chinese trip in Shanghai or seen fantastic natural karst landscapes in Guilin. Where to experience a deeper Chinese journey on your second trip? Here China Travel recommends the greatest destinations such as Tibet, Chengdu and Yunnan Province for your second trip.

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1.    Tibet

To most travelers, Tibet is a mysterious land to reach. Unique local Tibetan culture has attracted thousands of travelers from the whole world, so to visit Tibet is a dream for a lot of travelers before their journeys to China. Lhasa, the provincial capital of Tibet, should be the first destination listed into must-visit places on the second journey to China. The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Barkhor Street and Norbulingka are the best places to experience unique Tibetan culture and local life.


Marvelous natural scenery in Tibet includes crystal-clear lake, blue sky, snow mountains, vast grasslands and various wild animals. On the way to Mt. Everst, the highest peak in the world, Shingatse has been the second popular destination in Tibet. Yomdrok Lake which is Tibet’s largest water bird habitat is great to do some hiking. Constructed in 1447, Tashilunpo Monastery in Shingatse is home to the large Maitreya Buddha statue.

2.    Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou

With a 2600 year history, Chengdu (the provincial capital of Sichuan Province) is a hot destination in the southwest China. As the hometown of cute Giant Pandas, the first thing not to miss in Chengdu is the Giant Pandas. Bifengxia Panda Breeding Center offers volunteer experience for travelers to closely interact with Giant Pandas. Chengdu is also influenced by Taoism culture, and Mount Qingcheng is a popular destination to experience its Taoism culture. Spicy Sichuan Cuisine and Sichuan Opera also attracted a lot of travelers from the whole world.

Chengdu has rich historical relics such as Dujiangyan Irrigation Project built in the Qin Dynasty and Jinsha Site Museum of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Jinli Street and Wide and Narrow Alleys (Kuanzhai Xiangzi) are popular places to explore local relax culture and life. In addition, unique natural beauty in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in the northern Sichuan are amazing and golden leaves in autumn makes Jiuzhaigou a fairy land.

3.    The Yellow Mountain

Located in Anhui Province, the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan in Chinese) is one of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. Top 4 highlights in the Yellow Mountain consist of oddly-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, hot springs and sea of clouds. It is easily reached from Shanghai and a sightseeing cable car in the West Sea Grand Canyon opened in June, 2013 helps travelers to explore the Yellow Mountain. To see a marvelous sunrise or sunset on the Yellow Mountain is one of the hottest things to do there and the best time for a sunrise in summer is from 04:00 to 05:00.

The Yellow Mountain

At the southwest foot of the Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village is famous for its unique ancient Huizhou architectures. There are a lot of well-preserved ancient houses during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Travelers can enjoy a quiet countryside journey in the ancient village.

4.    Jiangnan Water Town

Water towns in Jiangnan which is the area of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River have attracted thousands of travelers to head to Suzhou and Zhejiang Province. It is a beautiful picture that consisting of ancient houses of the Ming or Qing Dynasty, small bridges and clear rivers. Famous water towns including Wuzhen, Tongli, Zhouzhang, Xitang and Luzhi Water Towns have a convenient transport from Shanghai.

To take a small boat along a river is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the water towns. The water towns are deeply loved by photographers and Chinese painters. At the same time, ancient private gardens such as Humble Administrator Garden and Lingering Garden in Suzhou and the West Lake in Hangzhou are popular destinations in the area.

5.    Yunnan Province

In the southwest of China, Yunnan Province is a popular destination to escape a hot summer in China. Kunming, known as a spring city, has a comfortable weather all the year round. As the provincial capital in Yunnan Province, Kunming is the first stop for most travelers. Dongchuan Red Land, the Stone Forest and Yunyang Rice Terraced Fields are the most worthy destinations to visit in Kunming. Due to the most groups of ethnic minorities, Yunnan Province is the best place to explore various ethnic minorities’ culture such as Bai people’s culture in Dali, Naxi and Mosuo people’s culture in Lijiang.

Travelers also love to head to Dali and Lijiang in the northwest of Yunnan Province. Lijiang Ancient Town, Lugu Lake, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are places not to miss in Lijiang. Besides, Shangri-La mentioned in Lost Horizon written by James Hilton is the last paradise among your destinations in Yunnan Province.