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Travel to Guilin

Last updated by geraldlee at 2013/12/26; Destinations: Guilin

“East or west, Guilin is the best” is still deeply in my mind since I learnt from my textbook in primary school. Either we lack of money or time has always been the reason why we give up travel. Actually, the only thing we need to start a trip is courage. So, my friend and I said it, and we did make it.

Day 1Yangshuo

We got to Xingping at 6 pm, so we took a battery car to visit the ancient town. After visiting the special boutiques, we picked a restaurant called “Haodifang” for dinner. This restaurant is well-known for two classic cuisines, Longji Eggplant and Sugar Taro. They are very delicious and I still miss its flavor today.Then we took a bus to go back to our hotel-Yangshuo Bilian River View Hotel. The hotel is a bit expensive maybe because it is the only one Five-star hotel in Yangshuo.

Visiting the weststreet is a must –thing to do in Yangshuo. The street was filled with all kinds of bars and cafes with different colors of people passing through. I really like boutiques here because there are many interest stuffs, such as crafts, paintings and clothes with ethical characteristics. It is indeed a charming street.

Day 2 Yulong River- Big Banyan Tree

Our second day trip start from eating Guilin noodles-the most popular food in Guilin. It was only 3.5Yuan per .I have to say it is so cheap and so tasty. Well…I finished it all.

Yulong River is a beautiful river with clear water and lots of mountains nearby. I poled down the Yulong River on a real bamboo raft, enjoyed scenery galore and clean river coming out of green mountains. It was a peaceful and relaxing moment just lean back to appreciate the beauty of nature. Bamboo rafting along Yulong river is a highly recommended thing to do in Yangshuo.