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Travel to Xi’an

Last updated by geraldlee at 2013/12/26; Destinations: Xian

The last night before we left, my friends and I stayed in a bar around the ancient wall. The hustle and bustle of Xi’an city has been faded only left a moment of silence. Four days has gone, the ancient beauty of this city has already been rooted in my lifetime. I am very delighted to share what I see and feel about my Xi’an journey.  

Day 1. Huiming Street-Bell Tower &Drum Tower

To taste a feast of delicious Xi’an cuisines, Huiming Street is a must-go destination in Xi’an. Before I visited Xi’an, I had already set Huiming Street as our first target for eating. Speaking of Xi’an cuisines, we had to mention its famous Paomo. We went to Laosunjia, a well-known restaurant for its Paomo in Xi’an and spent 35CNY per for a bowl of mutton paomo. It was very filling and tasty. I tore the dense bread into a few pieces in my bowl which the servers then took it away and filled with hearty mutton stew causing the bread to expand into delicious dumpling morsels. Besides paomo, roujiamo and saozimian are another two famous Xi’an food. I suggest people can try Liufeng Roujiamo and Laoyanjia to taste these two local snacks.  

The Bell Tower is a well-known attraction in Xi’an. As it locates nearby Huiming Street, it consists of huge crowds of people. All kinds of drums are displayed in the Bell Tower. It is said that the Bell Tower was used to inform time in the old days. It is a great place to visit, if you reach the top of it, the views from the top are a photographer’s delight. As my hotel is not far from the Bee Tower, I was glad to see enjoy the spectacular view with when it is lit up at nighttime.