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Top Night Shows in China

Last updated by meimeili at 2014/1/7; Destinations: Beijing,Shanghai,Xi'an, Guilin


Kung Fu Show

The Legend of Kung Fu Show is an astonishing mix of traditional martial arts and modern theatre; a beautiful and most loved performance in a vibrant show atmosphere. Performers are really highly skilled.

A highlight of Beijing!  There's a good storyline, music, costumes and choreography are truly hypnotic – should not be ignore on a stay in Beijing; the show is a must-see production in Beijing for tourists and Kung Fu lovers.

Beijing Opera

Peking opera -or Beijing opera- is a form of traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics. In this art, the dramatic expression is highly stylized and aesthetic.
The repertoire of Peking opera includes nearly 1,400 works. The plays are mostly taken from historical novels or traditional stories about civil, political and military struggles.

Existing since almost 200 years, the Beijing opera is the one which is acquainted with the biggest success in China and which extend most widely abroad. Throughout its development, it incorporated constantly essentials of numerous local operas while highlighting Beijing local language and customs. In spite of its Pekinese origin, it is not considered as a local opera and there are performer’s troops in all the country.

On one hand, a lot of foreigners come especially to China to learn about this art of opera, on the other, Chinese Beijing opera actors are invited overseas and their performance are deeply appreciated.


The Tang Dynasty Show and dinner

A surprisingly nice show and beautiful Chinese girls dressed in period costumes dance and sing brilliantly as they did in the Emperor's palaces in the Tang Dynasty when Xi’an was the capital of China. It is a very picturesque well worth seeing presentation and overall a wonderful experience.

The show is varied and excellent. It feels like it is interpreted from the past and is certainly different from anything you have seen before. The show is a wonderful insight into Chinese culture while the music is really pleasant to listen.

The performance reflects the rich cultural history and prosperity of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with dances and songs; an exciting blend of splendid costumes, traditional folk music and highly-skilled acting. Food is served in various courses with one course of dumplings.

Fantastic and would be recommend to any future traveller in Xi'an.


Shanghai Acrobatic Show

The famed Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the world and is a breathtaking night out for visitors to Shanghai. This art form all in movement is tightly choreographed and practiced endlessly; Chinese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts.

Acrobatic art has high requirements and is inter-reliant to light effects, costumes or clothing and music. The music must totally match with the performance, which could make the atmosphere even livelier. A successful acrobatic performance also requires appropriate clothing. Costumes further enhance the beauty of the performance and increase its visual effects.

The Chinese acrobatics shows have become the most popular evening entertainment for tourists in Shanghai. There are three excellent acrobatics troupes offering wonderful performances in the city.
Watching a Chinese acrobatics show is considered a great mental and physical stimulation. So you should not miss it when you visit Shanghai.


Impression West Lake

Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances characterized by the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake, or Xi Hu. This fantastic show is well-known all over the country for its unbelievable elegance.

Actually, the visitors in Hangzhou are fervent to watch this life-size performance, because it echoes to Hangzhou culture and history. Along with the beautiful natural landscape of West Lake those are at the origin of Impression West Lake. This performance vibrantly shows the folklores and myths of Hangzhou and emphasizes the best of them.

Marco Polo is said to have observed that Hangzhou was the most beautiful city he’d ever seen in his life; and, while it is slightly more modern that it was when Polo visited in the late thirteenth century, it has retained some of its charm.

Staged entirely upon the lake, Impression West Lake is a spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. The story is based on a Hangzhou legend. Using the lake and its surroundings as support, lights and hundreds of actors create a sensational performance; Hangzhou’s Impression West Lake is certainly not to be missed.


Ms Yang Liping & Dynamic Yunnan (Show)

Dynamic Yunnan is an impressive and primal song and dance combination organized by reputed dancer, Ms. Yang Liping. It shows the different dances of the minority tribes in Yunnan province. It is equally effervescent and bright as the dancers energetically perform in their traditional costumes.

The Yunnan Impression Show performed in Kunming contrasts past and present, tradition and modern life. The performance combines original rural songs and classical folk dances. The audience will be surprised by the vibrant colours, bright costumes, graceful dances, and ancient sounds.


The show of Dreamlake Lijiang ‘- Liu Sanjie Show” in Yangshuo

Impression Liu Sanjie is a magnificent night show performed in the largest natural theatre in the world, Yangshuo County which uses the Li River as its stage; the natural background, real mountains and rivers, constitute the décor. This program is not just an entertainment; it is also a manner to appreciate nature and sensational surroundings as peaceful interlude to the performance itself.
This huge outdoor performance is a large-scaled show with 600 plus actors and actress involved. All the actors of the show are local people who have practiced meticulously. The show lasts approximately 70 minutes combining the classical Sanjie Liu's folk songs and exotic fishing culture together, reflecting the harmony between human beings and the nature.

Performance of this kind is rare to be found elsewhere, don’t miss it.