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Photography destinations in Zhejiang

Last updated by meimeili at 2014/1/7; Destinations: Hangzhou

Let’s face it: when you are traveling, you want to take some pictures that make your friends and family back home jealous or proud of your accomplishments. In the region of Zhejiang in East China which includes Shanghai, you will never be at a loss for beautiful scenes where you can snap some breathtaking shots. See below for our top recommended photography destinations regardless if you are a beginning or a professional.


•    West Lake is undoubtedly the highlight photography location in Zhejiang especially any of the 10 Famous Scenes of West Lake

•    Jade Emperor Hill is a main temple on top of a hill with wonderful view of the city and lake below

•    Leifeng Pagoda located at the southeast side of West Lake, the view of the city skyline is one of the best from here

•    Lingyin Temple west of the West Lake is an active Buddhist temple at the bottom of a hill, and is 1 of the 3 oldest and most famous temples in China, with the feature Peak Flying from Afar a destination not to be missed.

•    Six Harmonies Pagoda is found at the end of a trip of gorgeous tunnels and tea fields; the pagoda itself is the most outstanding of all the temples and pagodas in Hangzhou


•    Baoguo Temple on the mountainside of Lingshan Mountain made throughout various dynasties

•    Tiantong National Forest Park with dozens of tall green peaks and more than 1,000 species of plants

•    Songlan Mountain Beach which includes a provincial seaside resort, wildlife park, and marine tourism

•    King Osaka Temple at the base of Taibai Mountain is one of the 5 famous Buddhist mountains in the country and over 1,700 years old

•    Qiantong, Ninghai ancient town is an ancient town still very traditional and authentic not yet much touched by tourism

•    ZheDong Grand Canyon offers wide sweeping views of lush green countryside with water running through the canyon as you hike along

•    TianYi Pavilion is the oldest private library in existence in China and the surroundings of its locations are marvelous


•    The Wet Lands is a group of about 136 islands with countless bridges connecting them including some only reached by large concrete canoes

•    Snow Mountain offers wonderful views of Wenzhou from the top

Generally in Zhejiang

•    Qiandao Lake – also known as Thousand Islets Lake, this manmade phenomenon seems more alien than worldly

•    Mount Putuoshan – an island with 1 of 4 mountains in China that is considered sacred in Buddhism, green forests, and the site of Puji Temple

•    Wuzhen and Xitang and Nanxun Ancient Water Towns – Wuzhen is found on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with many numerous bridges, ancient harbors and water-side pavilions; Xitang is famous for its covered corridors and lanes; Nanxun hosts the spectacular Jia Ye Tang Library and ancient establishments such as Little Lotus Garden

•    South Lake – also known as Mandarin Duck Lake because of its shape, including the ruins of Misty Rain Tower built in the 10th century surrounded by a group of ancient garden-style architectures

•    Mount Dalei – home to Xianling Temple on top of a natural spring, the surrounding communities are still very traditional and wonderful for taking pictures of

•    Zhejiang rice terraces – they always provide tranquil sources of photography subjects