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Harbin Hotel Guide

Last updated by meimeili at 2014/3/25; Destinations: Harbin

1. Shangri-La Hotel Harbin (5-star)

Located south of the Songhuajiang River of Harbin, Shangri-La Hotel Harbin is an ideal choice for business and recreation during your Harbin travel, and it has 404 guest luxurious rooms and offers a wide range of western and Chinese food. Shangri-La Hotel Harbin is 15 minutes from Harbin Railway Station and 45 minutes from Taiping International Airport by bus, which is very near from major sightseeing spots such as Sun Island, Harbin Ice and Snow World and the Central Avenue.

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨香格里拉饭店
Address: 555 Youyi Road, Daoli District, Harbin (哈尔滨市道里区友谊路555号)
Tel: 0451- 84858888

2. Sofitel Wanda Harbin (5-star)

As a delicately-decorated business hotel of Harbin, Sofitel Wanda Hotel features a combination of French and Chinese charms, where the works of art, delicious gourmet and luxurious environment offer visitors an impressive experience. It’s 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from Harbin Railway Station and 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Taiping International Airport.

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨万达索菲特大酒店
Address:68, Ganshui Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin(哈尔滨香坊区赣水路68号)
Tel:0451- 82336888

3. Jinjiang Inn (economy hotel)

Jinjiang Inn (Harbin Matro) has 128 rooms (including standard rooms and business rooms), all of which are equipped with air-conditioner and cable TVs, broadband access network, and small conference rooms and tea bars are also available in the inn. It’s 10 minutes from the Central Avenue and St. Sophia Cathedral and 30 minutes from Taiping International Airport by bus.

Name in Chinese: 锦江之星(哈尔滨麦德龙店)
Address: 1, Zhigong Street, Edmonton Road, Daoli District, Harbin(哈尔滨市道里区职工街1号)
Tel: 4006664329

4. 7 Days Inn (economy hotel)

The 7 Days Inn has good geography position and convenient transportation, and it’s situated on the Centra Avenue of Harbin, which is only 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) from Harbin Railway Station. The surrounded sightseeing spots include St. Sophia Cathedral, Sun Island and Harbin Ice and Snow World, and the inn is an ideal place for appreciate night scene of Harbin.

Name in Chinese: 锦江之星(哈尔滨中央大街店)
Address: 55, Tongjiang Street, Daoli District, Harbin(哈尔滨市道里区通江街55号)
Tel: 0451- 58825888

5. Home Inn (economy hotel)

Home Inn (Harbin Central Avenue) has 89 rooms, a restaurant and a self-service business center, where the air-conditioners, closed-circuit televisions and free wifi are available. Home Inn is 500 meters (547 yards) from Harbin Central Avenue, one kilometer (0.6 miles) from Stalin Park and 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from the Sun Island.

Name in Chinese: 如家快捷酒店(哈尔滨中央大街店)
Address: 51, Shangyou Street, Daoli District, Harbin(哈尔滨道里区上游街51号)
Tel: 0451- 57645999

6. Holiday Inn (economic hotel)

Harbin Holiday Inn is a great hotel with excellent location, amazing rooms and brilliant food, whose location is super fantastic, and it is just across the road from the main attractions of the city. It is 5minutes in traffic from Harbin Railway Station and an easy drive from the airport (as it is on the actual airport road).

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨假日酒店
Address: 90, Jingwei Street, Daoli District, Harbin(哈尔滨道里区经纬路90号)
Tel: 0451- 84251151

7. New Paris Hotel Harbin (5-star)

The 31-storied New Pair Hotel sits it Harbin downtown, which is decorated in French style with a total of 228 guest rooms, and it served as the designated hotel for the 24th Winter Universiade in 2009. The hotel neighbors Gogol Avenue with 3 minutes’ driving from Harbin froRailway Station and 40 minutes from Harbin Taiping International Airport.

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨新巴黎大洒店
Address: 177, Zhongshan Road, Nangang District, Harbin(哈尔滨南岗区中山路177号)
Tel: 0451- 87108888

8. Motel 168 (economy hotel)

Situated in the intersection of Jilin Avenue and Dongdazhi Avenue, the 17-storied Motel 168 has more than 190 rooms, all of which are well-equipped modern service facilities, and the free parking, laundry, wake-up are also available in the motel. It’s very convenient for shopping from the motel owing to its position neighboring Harbin Railway Station and Harbin Bus Station.

Name in Chinese: 莫泰168连锁(哈尔滨东大直街店)
Address: 290, Dongdazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin (哈尔滨市南岗区东大直街290号)
Tel: 0451- 83011111

9. Super 8 (economy hotel)

The Super 8 hotel is located by the Songhua Riverside, Harbin downtown, and it has 77 comfortable and clean rooms and spacious halls, which is decorated in an elegant style. It takes about five minutes to Harbin Railway Station and 40 minutes to Harbin Taiping International Airport by bus.

Name in Chinese: 速8连锁酒店(哈尔滨中央大街店)
Address: 5, Jingwei Sidao Street, Daoli District, Harbin(哈尔滨道里区经纬四道街5号)
Tel: 0451- 87692888

10. Harbin International Hotel (4-star)

Harbin International Hotel is decorated in Chinese classical style and is well-equipped with modern facilities, where the conference center, gift store, beauty salon, meeting rooms, gymnasium and multi-functional restaurant are available, making it an ideal place for business travelers and sightseeing travelers alike. Harbin International Hotel is one kilometer (0.6 miles) from Harbin Railway Station and 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Harbin International Conference and Exhibition Center.

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨国际饭店
Address: 4, Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin(哈尔滨南岗区西大直街4号)
Tel: 0451- 87692888

11. Minfang Business Hotel (economic hotel)

Neighboring Harbin International Conference and Exhibition Center, Minfang Business Hotel enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful environment, where the service facilities include multi-media conference room, business center, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and billiard room, and it’s an ideal choice for business travelers and sightseeing travelers alike.

Name in Chinese: 哈尔滨民防商务酒店
Address: 270, Hongqi Avenue, Nangang District, Harbin(哈尔滨市南岗区红旗大街270号)
Tel: 0451- 82279888

12. Seasons Hotel (economic hotel)

Seasons Hotel (Harbin Xidazhi Street) is conveniently located and unique in architectural style, where the rooms are very clean and the service is excellent. It’s very near from Harbin Central Avenue and offers a fine view of the Songhua River.

Name in Chinese: 全季酒店(哈尔滨西大直街店)
Address: No. 508, Xidazhi Street, Nangang District, Harbin,(哈尔滨市南岗区西大直街508号)
Tel: 0451- 58773777