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Hudec Memorial Hall

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Serving as home of Hudec from 1931 to 1937, Hudec Memorial Hall was built on a large block of land in 1930, which was designed in a traditional Tudorbethan style, and it has restored its original look after a thorough renovation.

The mansonry-structured Hudec Memorial Hall is filled with romantic European- countryside charm, whose steep double-pitch roof is about half the height of the hall with towering chimneys by each side, and its south facade is designed like two symmetrical gable walls. Seen from outside, the first floor is decorated with an arched door and the ternary windows on the red-brick walls, and the second floor and above are painted white with dark wood framework, all of which are well-arranged in layers and matched in colors.

Paved with yellow floor tiles, the interior of Hudec Memorial Hall is arranged in a classical European style, where the delicate wardrobe, dinning table, desks and chairs and decorated ceiling create a warm atmosphere. A delicate western-style chair is available in Hudec’s office, behind which a wooden ship model is placed, expressing Hudec’s ardent yearning for his homeland. In addition, a number of delicate collections from Asian countries are also exhibited in the hall.

Information about Ladislav Hudec 

Ladislav Hudec, a well-known Hungarian architect, graduated from Budapest Royal Academy at 21, who was elected a member of Hungary Royal Architectural Club at 23, and he, unfortunately, was capured by Russian army and sent to POW camp based in Siberia duirng his service in Austria-Hungary Imperial Army.

At the age of 25 in 1918, he fled to Shanghai and worked as an assistant in an American architectural firm. During 1918 and 1947, Hudec designed over 100 buildings in Shanghai, 25 of which are listed as excellent architectues of Shanghai.

The classic architectural buildings designed by him in Shanghai include Moore Memorial Church, Chinese American Bank of Commerce, Mctyeire School, Ameican Club, International Savings Society Apartment, Foncim Building, China Baptist Publication Building, Engineering Building at Chiao Tung University, Park Hotel, Union Brewery, Avenue Apartments, China Baptist Publication Building and Shanghai Grand Theatre. Shanghai Grand Theater was a milestone in Hudec’s career, and it boasted of being the First Theater in Far East in the 20th century.

Location: located at No. 127, Panyu Road of Shanghai
Getting there: Bus 76, 113, 138, 328, 48, 923, 311, 57, 71 and 925.