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How to travel in Guangzhou in One Day

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Guangzhou is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province, which is located in the north of China, about 120 km north-northwest of Hong Kong and north-northeast of Macau. With its developed economic and convenient transportation, Guangzhou is one of the most prosperous and famous metropolis in China and one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain is the No.1 of the New Guangzhou Eight Views It is located in northeast of Guangzhou, covering an area of 28 square kilometers and consisting of 30 peaks in total. The scenery at the peak presents visitors a charming panorama of the whole city and Pearl River.

Visitors are suggested to spend their morning time in White Cloud Mountain. When the mountain is shrouded in fluffy white clouds in the rainy days, the visitors seem exposed to the paradise. In addition, visitors hiking there and enjoy the splendid moment of sunrise. It will be a great morning for visitors in Guangzhou. The mountain preserves abundant natural resources which have 876 species of plants, namely the lung of Guangzhou. It is an ideal place for visitor to enjoy the overview of Guangzhou and get away from the crowded city.

Visitors need not worry eating problem in the mountain. There are many local snacks are waiting for you, such as soft beancurd, Minghuo Congee and the local tea. Yifeng Restaurant lies in a wonderful location where present a good view of the Guangzhou city. What an enjoyable moment that visitors enjoy the view and have lunch together in the restaurant. The specialties of the restaurant are Steaming Chicken with Onion and Home make Chicken Wings.

Getting there:
By Subway:
Take Subway Line 3 and get off at Meihuayuan Station. Walk about 1,200 meters to the Plum Garden of White Cloud Mountain.

By Bus: Take bus 24, 240, 285, Tourism Bus Line 3 and get off at Yuntai Garden Bus Station; or take bus 32, 46, 60, 127, 175, 179, 199, 223, 240, 241, 257, 298, 540, 543, 615, 841, 891 and get off at White Cloud Telpher (Baiyun Suodao) Station.

Admission Fee: CNY 5
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: 4-5 hours

Yuexiu Park

In the afternoon, Visitors can go visit Yuexiu Park which is the largest comprehensive park in Guangzhou. It is convenient for travelers to visit Yuexiu Park after finish the visit in White Cloud Mountain since the two places are very close. Visitors can take Bus 265 at the west gate of White Cloud Mountain and get off at Waiyu Xueyuan Station.

Yuexiu Park has an area of 860,000 square meters, including three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain. Yuexiu Park is an ancient park with a profound culture since it has been a popular attraction dating back to Qin Dynasty. Many celebrities have visited Yuexiu Park such as Chairman Mao, US president Nixon and other heads of states. Therefore, it is a must-go destination for travelers in Guangzhou.

The main places of interest include the stone sculpture of the Five Rams Stone Sculpture, Zhenhai Tower, the site of the Ming Dynasty City Wall, and Square Cannon Site. The Five Rams Stone Sculpture stands at Muke hillock of the park, which was built in 1959 and considered as the symbol of Guangzhou.

Zhenhai Tower is regarded as the most beautiful scenery of Guangzhou. The locals would like to call it the Five-Story Tower because it is five stories in height. Zhenhai Tower was built in Ming dynasty and being the best preserved construction in Guangzhou. In Qing Dynasty, Zhenhai Tower was the highest construction in Guangzhou. When visitor reach the top of Zhenhai Tower, they are enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River and White Cloud Mountain.

Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 22:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 5
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: 4 hours

yuexiu park

Pearl River

The best destination for visitors to spend their night is Pearl River with no doubt. The Pearl River is an extensive river system in southern China.It got its name because of all the pearl colored shells that lie at the bottom of the river in the section that flows through the city of Guangzhou. The Pearl River is a beautiful and meandering promenade.

The beautiful night view of the Pearl River was named the New Guangzhou Eight Views which is called the "Pearl Water Night rhyme." When the night falls and the lanterns lit, the river will present you beautiful scenery on both sides. It is suggested that travelers take a cruise enjoy the splendid view along the river, passing through all bridges, building and stores around.

It will not take you a long time and much money for the cruise. There are packages which offer the cruise with dinner, that is, very convenient for travelers to enjoy dinner while having cruise. Anyway, visiting Pearl River at night is a must thing to do for travelers to do. If you come to Guangzhou, do no miss it.

Getting there:
Take Bus 58 near the front gate of Yuexiu Park and get off at Jinhai Road.
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2-3 hours