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How to Plan a Family Tour in Guilin

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Guilin, as a scenic tourist city, is well known for its beautiful landscape. If you want a relaxing family tour, Guilin is a great place to choose.


What Do You All Most Enjoy

Guilin provides scenic sights, historical sites, minority culture, local delicacy, amusement park and shopping for you to enjoy your tour.

Here Is a Way to Plan Your Guilin Trip

First, decide on a 1- day tour.
Second, pick a scenic sight. See the scenic sight information below.
Then, see the suggested 1- day tour itinerary below that is made to meet your needs.
We have devoted ourselves to providing you with suggestions that can help save your money and time on the basis of giving you a happy and relaxing tour.

What Makes Guilin Special for Families

As a region that multi-ethnic groups inhabit, Guilin shows its special attraction. Folk customs of different ethnic groups have been kept alive for centuries and people who live on this patch of land are kind and warm-hearted. The social aspects play a large role in making a relaxing family visit.
Guilin is also a model city for Environmental Protection. It is cleanliness and low pollution that makes the landscape in Guilin a marvelous spectacle.
Moreover, Guilin has a subtropical climate with its wild weather and abundant rainfall. Its average temperature is 19°C, which makes it a place with warm winter and cool summer.

The Tour Itinerary That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

The Lijiang River for the Trip and the Best Dining

Breakfast and Morning

At 8:00 in the morning, after the buffet provided by the hotel, travelers will be sent to the wharf of Mopan Mountain in Yangshuo, and from there, Lijiang River can be seen afterwards by boat. It is said that “Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops those of Guilin.” And Lijiang River, famous for its beauty and surrounding mountains, provides different scenery with each turn of the boat. Travelers can hold a view of steep mountains and clean water. With the fantastic scenery, people can fully forget all the pressure from work.

Lunch and Afternoon

At noon, a fresh meal is offered on the boat, and travelers can enjoy the food as well as the scenery. After lunch, an interesting thing will wait to be done. Travelers are eager to search the Yellow Beach as the boat going because the scenery of Yellow Beach is printed on the back of the 20 RMB note. And when the boat arrives at the spot, travelers can have a try of poling the bamboo raft against the backdrop of limestone hills. With the guidance of the skilled ones, the experience will surely be a great one for all the travelers. Inverted reflections in water contrast finely with the real images, making people reluctant to leave.
When it is 3:00 in the afternoon, travelers will be guided to an amusement park next to the hotel where children as well as other family members will love badly and have fun. With big modern thrill rides and other amusement equipments, the whole families can fully enjoy themselves during the hours in the park.

Dinner and Evening     

Travelers can play in the park until 5:00 in the afternoon. They will be sent back to the hotel, and a fancy dinner is provided then. A game will be played to have fun during the dinner. And after the dinner, travelers will be accompanied to the local cultural streets to experience the local customs and to have a taste of the local delicacy.
Each side of every street is full of shops of various delicate goods for travelers to choose from, which will be a good gift to buy for your friends and a great souvenir for your families. And there are also some great performances that are designed to show to travelers at 8:00 in the evening, carrying different cultures of different ethnic groups. Travelers can learn to sing the songs of the ethnic groups and dance with them on the dancing spot.

At 10:00 in the evening, travelers will be gathered to go back to the hotel to have a good rest.