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Luoping Flower Sea

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After the spring festival of every year, Luoping Bazi will become the sea of rape flower. Perhaps it is the oddest sea in the world. It is golden and popples with pleasant fragrance. It is playing pastorals.

Passing Shizong and driving eastward along the Nan-Kun Railway or the National Highway 324, you will find patches of dazzlingly yellow rape flowers among dark green mountains. There is a Wanzi Reservior built on the karst topography. The beautiful reservoir sets off against the yellow flowers of rape. In fact, it is only a bay in the Luoping rape flower sea and some fragments produced by the waves of the flower sea when they come over and bump into the Baila Mountain.

The real flower sea starts at the foot of the Baila Mountain. It is obvious that the Nan-Kun Railway is reluctant to disturb the charming flower sea and hence arbitrarily and gently daubs at the waist of the Baila Mountain and inlay a silvery margin for the flower sea. Only National Highway 324 passes through the flower sea as if a sea route in the sea.

The Luoping City sinks and rises in the flower sea and become an island in the sea. When you stand at the Baila Mountain and overlook the county, it will occur to you that it is a mirage.