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Yangshuo, a Human and Divine Tourist Town

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There is such a homestead — The background is a dark green and shining marble path and tile-roofed house of the Qing Dynasty with raised corners and flying eaves. You may take a savor of beer fish and snail in rice wine, or size up the vendors of local culture. You might as well sit down beside the street and appreciate the unhurried mountains and water.

There is such tranquility — An expanse of water are as tranquil as a green mirror. When the breeze plays on the water, shallow ripples appear. Heaven and earth are unhurried. There is still joy without a single sound. You may experience globe style kindness in this famous vacation street, which is called “foreign language corner”.

There is such glory — You may tread on the road which has been taken by national leaders, put up the bearing of a leader and enjoy coequal honor. Men are equal in front of natural landscapes. This place is called Yangshuo …

Yangshuo is located in the northeast of Guangxi. It is under the jurisdiction of Guilin City, Guangxi Province. Since there are two peaks in the shape of goat horn to the north of the country, which is popularly called Goat Horn (Yangjiao) Mountain, and the two characters of “Yangjiao” have the same pronunciation as “Yangshuo” in the local language of Yangshuo, it is called Yangshuo.

Yangshuo has a hundred li of mountains and rivers. There are exotic mountains and graceful water everywhere and natural landscapes setting off against human landscapes. It is reputed as “a human and divine tourist town”. In the 1980s, a travel guide book called “Lonely Planet”, which was esteemed as “the Holy Bible” by backpackers in the west, introduced the unique flavor of West Yangshuo Street. Gradually it becomes a place where backpackers from abroad gather together. Some foreigners who are infatuated with the local conditions and customs of the west street “pitch a camp” (settle down) and open hotels and restaurants here wither further ado. Now in the globe village, the west street, you can see many more foreigners than Chinese. This small street with a length of merely more than 600 meters is originally the most traditional street of a town in south China with flagstone pavement and grey brick arcade buildings. However, it also has the thickest foreign flavor as almost all the signboards are written in English.

The former eight sceneries of Yangshuo County: Sunglow over the East Ridge, Evening Glow over the West Mountain,Double Moon in Shijing,Ten Thousand Clouds in Honggong,Temple, Monk and Bell,Fishing Lights at Baisha,Mist Gas in Horse Mountain, Immortal’s Spring in Dragon Cave.

The new eight sceneries of Yangshuo County: Sunglow over the East Ridge, Two Peaks Locking the River, Hidden Cats in Ancient Banyans, Folded Green Lotus,Temple, Monk and Bell,Fishing Lights at Baisha,Ancient Paths in the South Mountain, Superb Area of Yangshuo Town.

Tips:  Regarding the trip from the city zone of Guilin City to Yangshuo, you may take a shuttle bus at the south square of the Guilin Railway Station. The departure time ranges from 6:30 to 21:30. It runs every fifteen minutes with a fare of 10 yuan. You may also take an express bus at the Guilin Coach Terminal with a fare of 13 yuan. As for the trip from Yangshuo to the city zone of Guilin, there are two choices. One way is to take a privately operated medium-sized bus for the Guilin Railway Station with a fare of 10 yuan. The bus may cruise in search of passengers on the way. The alternative way is to take a through public-operated medium-sized bus for the Guilin Railway Station with a fare of 13 yuan.