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Wuyuan: Enjoying Most the Flower of Rape in the Village

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Wuyuan is a place with bright mountains and graceful water.

Wuyua County was built in the 28th year of Kaiyuan period in the Tang Dynasty (740 A.D.). The exuberant woods, overlapping mountains, deep and graceful valleys, rippling streams, exotic peaks, queer rocks, post roads, ancient trees, tea pavilions, corridor bridges and many small biological reserves within its borders constitute the beautiful natural landscapes of Wuyua. The Linyan National Forest Park has more than thirty dissolved caves. It has been a sightseeing resort since the Tang and Song Dynasties. Each dissolved cave is left with more than two thousand inscriptions of ancient celebrities. The Mandarin Duck Lake in the garden perches thousands of pairs of mandarin ducks.

Wuyua not only has graceful natural landscapes, but also profound cultural foundation. It has enjoyed a good reputation as “the hometown of books” since antiquity. Since the Song Dynasty, it has gave birth to cultural celebrities such as Zhu Bian, a Litterateur, Zhu Xi, a scholar of science, He Zhen, an seal-carver and Zhan Tianyou, an expert in railway project. Wuyua is one of the places with best preserved ancient buildings in our country. Green woods and ancient trees set off against residence houses with flying eaves and raised angles. Of them, the Wangkou Yu Ancestral Temple has grand vigor and exquisite craftwork. It is reputed as “a treasury of art” by experts.

Tips:Setting out from Shanghai, you may take a train of the Zhe-Gan railway line and get off at the Quzhou station of Zhejiang Province, and then transfer to a coach for Wuyua. Taking a train to Jingde Town and then transferring to a coach also do (Jingde Town is 85 kilometers away from Ziyuan); tourists in the direction of Fujian may take a bus at Jingde Town to get to Ziyuan.

After arriving at the Quzhou Railway Station, you may take a microbus heading for the coach station with a fare of 5 yuan. There are four departures for Wuyua every day. The time of departures is respectively six o’clock, and half past nine in the morning, and eleven o’clock and half past twelve at noon. It took four and a half hours to get to Wuyua.

After getting to Wuyua, it is very convenient to take a tour around all the scenic spots. The coach station at Ziyang Town has medium-sized buses heading for all towns and villages.