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Uygur Etiquette

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Traveling in Xinjiang, China's most beautfill palce, it is helpful for tourists to know about some local etiquette.

First shake hands with him/her and then say Salamu (meaning “May you good luck”) or Yaksimsas (meaning “Hello”).

Warmly treat friends or relatives who are rarely come to visit with delicious food and drinks.

Stand upright at the side of the road when meeting senior people and solute to them while saying Salimulikong (Best wishes to you).

Make sure that senior people are the first to speak, walk or taking a seat.

When you meeting or visiting a Uygur family in Xinjiang, remember to follow the local rites and never spread your legs unwind during dinner.. Make the Nang (a pancake-like food) into smaller pieces while eating it. When the host serves you with a cooked lamb head, what you should behave is like this: cut a small piece from the lamb cheek for yourself to show you accept his/her hospitality, cut off one lamb ear and give to the children of the host to appraise the kid, and finally use two hands to give the lamb head back to the host with respect.