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Enjoying Food in Hongkong

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With favourite condition, Hong Kong is an indeed Delicacy Heaven which combines together the kernels of eastern and western foods and gathers together all delicious food from every corner of the world. Both Western food and Chinese food here are authentic, and almost all featured dishes from every country can be found here except some Islamic food. With Canton food as its main stream, the Chinese food also makes good use of some representatives of other famous styles in the country. And seafood is very popular here, even the common porridge with lean meat and preserved egg is added with sharp fin.

High-ranking Chinese Food Restaurants can be seen every where, and some top ones are usually located at the main hotels and large-scaled shopping malls, including styles of Canton, Chaozhou, Hunan, Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai and vegetable diet. As an international metropolis, food in Hong Kong also reflects different cultures and tastes. Top cooks from the world are gathering here to show their talents and skills as well as bring their cultures.

With French food as the main stream, Hong Kong also has western food with thick Nordic flavor like German food, Swiss food and Austria food, and Italian food with Mediterranean characteristic and Mexico food with Latin romantic atmosphere, as well as Asian food like simple and grace Japan food, South Asian food with subtropical style, including Singapore food, Malaysia food and Indonesian food. Besides, there is American style beef stake eatery, British style lunch bar, Portugal restaurant, Thai restaurant, Vietnam restaurant, South Korean restaurant, Northeast European restaurant and so on.
Also, Hong Kong has been serving as promoter for Canton soup culture and explorer for tea culture.

Apart from that, visitors in Hong Kong will broaden their outlook and feel content with the dining environment, humanistic atmosphere and serving attitude. At night, they can find some typical popular snacks on Temple Street and the famous Hong Kong snacks are wanton noodles, beef roll, beef entrails, beef stew soup and so on. The featured delicatessen stalls which are also called sidewalk stalls are good places to taste the local featured dishes like sweet and sour pork and pepper and salt Tiger prawn. In addition, Hong Kong people like deserts very much, because most of them contain lots of nutrition which are helpful to moisturize lung and skin and to preserve water in one’s body, such as milk, pawpaw and lotus seed and apricot.