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Drinking Tea in Fujian

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People of Fujian like drinking tea, and  "Kongfu Tea"  in Fujian is known to the world. To drink  "Kongfu Tea" , an exquisite and delicate pocket tea set should be prepared, including the red stoneware pottery teapot, fine porcelain teacups with the size of walnuts and also the pot for boiling the water. The tea leaf is Oolong tea which is a kind of half-fermented tea that not only endures soaking but also has a special fragrance. The most famous one is " Tieguanyin" of Anxi that is known " green leaves with red embroidery, it smells good after making it for seven times ."

When making tea, you must pay attention to  "Pour high and print low" . Pour high enables overthrowing the tealeaves and taking the impurity to the surface to be scraped by a cover. Print low can make sure the fragrance of tealeaves will not disappear. The whole procedure is: firstly, pour the boiling water into the teapot of seventy or eighty percent of tealeaves. The water of first pouring is exclusively used to wash the tealeaves. Secondly, after pouring the boiling water into the pot for the second time, cover the teapot closely. Finally, sprinkle the outside of the teapot to increase the heat and bring out the smell faster.

After arriving in Fujian, it is quite necessary to sit down quietly and have a taste of Kongfu Tea at the leisure of touring.