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A Warm Winter Holiday in Hainan

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When we are choosing a tourism destination, we usually pick a place where we can escape the winter cold or to be away from the summer heat. This year, the vast majority places of China are exceptionally freezing, except Hainan (an island in south China) where the weather is mild just as the early summer. Therefore we decide to visit Hainan to have a warm winter holiday.

When our airplane arrives in the Hainan Sanya Fenghuang Airport at evening, we can feel that the island is a tranquil island without the hullabaloo and the neon lights in Shenzhen. The workers of the airport are all friendly and honest. The airport is a wonderful place to have a glimpse of a city . Shenzhen is exactly Shenzhen, Beijing is precisely Beijing and Hainan is definitely Hainan with its warm air reminding me of a poem full with the flavor of the Coconut Island (Due to the abundance of the coco trees, Hainan has the fame of the Coconut Island.).

The guide picking us up is corpulent and swarthy, who said in a self-mocking way that the people living in Hainan are usually very swarthy due to the abundance of the sunshine, and he expressly advise us against laughing at people’ s dark skin. We are dubious of the guide’s words at first, but when we arrive at Sanya city (the second largest city in Hainan province), what we were told are verified.

Sanya is a place sparsely populated, where the passer-by is seldom, but the scenery is pretty good. Driving south along the coastline for a few hours, we reach our first destination: Yalong Bay Tourism Zone in Sanya.

Yalong Bay enjoys high reputation as the Orient Hawaii. The famous businessman in Hong Kong Huo Yingdong has ever said that you can’t find a beach which is as marvelous as that of Yalong Bay in Hong Kong or Japan; even Indonesian Bali Island is inferior to it. Only Hawaii and Yalong Bay both belong to the similar kind, but Yalong Bay’s tourism resource such as sunshine, beach, sea, mountain and air are better than those in Hawaii.

This is my first time to see a sea. Looking at the boundless ocean under the just clearing up sky, impulse and happiness well up inside me. We are all excited to take photos forgetting the tiredness of traveling.

At that moment, the weather is fine with azure sky, white cloud and bright sunshine. Our view instantly clears up when standing by the Yalong Bay. The dark blue sea stretches to the horizon and the whole bay is flat, long and narrow, about seven or eight kilometers long. Ringed by continuous and rugged mountains on three sides, its south side opens wide to the ocean. The sunshine, sea, wonderful beach, grotesque rock formations and idyllic surroundings compose the unique scenery of the Yalong Bay Tourism Zone. To look far into the distance, we can see two islets in front of it looking like two guards guarding the lovely bay.

The extensive ocean is calm and tranquil with the seawater crystalline enough to reflect people’s faces. The waves kiss the beach repeatedly and gently. Lush green mountains, coco trees, oil palms, cactuses and all kinds of tropical flora which I can’t name contend in beauty and fascination here. The sand is white, fine and soft without impurities, stones or shells. Going barefoot on the beach is really an enjoyment, just like walking on the thick carpet. The whole beach seems to be paved by an expanse of snow, which is glittering under the sunshine.

Our next destination is Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone. Twenty-six kilometers away from Sanya city in the western area, under the Malingshan Mountain, we come to the Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone (which means the edge of the sky and the end of the sea.) Here the expansive mist-covered sea, scattered with the shadows of sailboats, melts into the blue sky, with the coco trees dancing nearby. The granites which carved with the Chinese words “Tianyahaijiao” ,”Nantianyizhu”, “Hainannantian” and so on rise straight up by the sea. All of these compose such a picturesque tourism zone which boasts too many beautiful things to be fully appreciated in one trip. Facing the ocean, my hairs are fluttering in the humid sea breeze. Looked far into the distance, the sea disappears into the sky, while seen nearby, the sea spray seems like the silver moonlight; all comes from afar and draws back afar, only leaving a grain of sentiment. How fascinated I am!

With the gently blowing sea breeze, my heart melted into the sea and the sky, becoming spiritually pure.

I love the sea in winter!

I love the sky in winter!

I love Hainan in winter!