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My Heart is Left in Qingdao

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At a fine day in autumn, I come to Qingdao for a visit, a beautiful garden city on the shore of Yellow Sea in China. On arrival, I marvel at the charms of Qingdao. The city is clean and tidy, with nature remaining unspoiled and unique architecture. Western Qingdao is the ancient building area full of classical beauty. The buildings here are deeply influenced by the western architecture. Chinese parasol trees, big and tall, are planted on both sides of the clean streets, a row of western-styled town houses behind them with pink roof tiles and white windows. However, the eastern part of the city is completely modern with modernistic office buildings, broad bituminous macadam and marble squares by the street.

There are all bathing places by the sea in the western Qingdao where people can enjoy themselves on the beach, while in the eastern Qingdao, there are all the embankments by the sea with lawns and sculptures. When I am passing, the romantic breaths of the place blow on my face. But, to mention the most romantic places in Qingdao, the century-old villas area Badaguan (Eight Great Passes) should be on the top of the list.

The streets in Qingdao are mostly named by the cities’ names all over China. This century-old villas area is called Eight Great Passes because the eight main streets in this area are named by the eight famous traditional China Passes in history, respectively Shaoguan Road, Jiayuguan Road, Hanguguan Road, Zhengyangguan Road, Linhuaiguan Road, Ningwuguan Road, Zijingguan Road and Juyongguan Road. Though there are two more roads later, the area’s name-Eight Great Passes is retained until now. The century-old villas area Badaguan (Eight Great Passes), located to the east of Huiquan Road, is a famous scenic resort for recuperating in China. Parks and courtyards combined together and different kinds of trees planted respectively on the sides of each road are two characteristics of this area. With lush trees and full-blooming flowers in four seasons, it enjoys fame as “Flower Street”. For example, The Shaoguan Road is completely decorated by Prunus Persica (a very popular kind of peach tree) with pink flowers which are called “Bitao” in Chinese. And Crape Myrtle, blooming in summer, dress up the Zhengyangguan Road. The Maple planted by the Juyongguan Road dyed red by the autumn wind in fall. The cedar on the both sides of the Zijingguan Road is evergreen. The Ningwuguan Road is adorned by Chinese flowering crab apple……The eight roads connect vertically and horizontally extending miles around, forming an area can most representing the characteristics of Qingdao city-“red roof tiles, green trees, blue sea and azure sky”. It is praised highly as the most beautiful city zone in China. The architectures here are unique for assembling the architecture styles of numerous countries such as Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, America, England, Japan and so on. Therefore it is awarded a title “Gallery of World Architecture”.

The autumn scenery in the century-old villas area Badaguan (Eight Great Passes) under the azure sky pleases to the eye. The golden yellow leaves are seen everywhere at this time, falling in the autumn wind. The towering trees are displaying their last beauty after a whole summer growing. Paving on the roads thickly, the fallen leaves are curled up by the cars passing now and then. Fortunately, I not miss the autumn scenery in the century-old villas area Badaguan (Eight Great Passes). Wandering about in this area, even the extremely fatigued person can also release the pressure to enjoy tranquility and happiness. I forget myself here.

If people don’t eat seafood in their trip to Qingdao, it is definitely a matter for regret. The enjoyment that I gain from the seafood in Qingdao is not inferior to the scenery. Usually considering myself as a gourmet, I have already made inquiry about the location of the famous seafood streets before I came here. The Yunxiao Road is the most well-known one. There are all seafood restaurants on the both sides of the street with all kinds of seafood. I indulge myself in eating all sorts of spiral shells and shellfish at a very low price. That seafood not only has delicious taste, but also has romantic names, such as savory spiral shells, spicy spiral shells, scallop, pearl shell, moon shell and bird shell. Moreover, the service of that small restaurant is exceptionally good, which presents their sincere welcome to the guests coming from afar.

Scenic beauty plus delicious food is just the really fairyland on earth! My heart is left in Qingdao.