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Guilin, the most beautiful city I have ever seen

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History and nature has endowed china with many places of ultimate lure thus enabling us to partly fulfill our dream of exploring natural wonders. Our destination is Guilin, a world famous city. Guilin requires at least one week but we only had 4 days. So before our trip, we had the highlights at the back of our mind. Our flight from Hong Kong was smooth and short. All the while I kept my eyes open for the whole thing. As we came out of the clouds, I could see karst formations and patch work of rice fields.

As we walked out of the Guilin airport, our guide was already waiting for us there. ?We were then taken to our hotel. The hotel was satisfactory.. Our room was spacious and warmly-furnished for a comfortable stay. at the next day's? cruise trip started 7 am early in the morning. After a hearty noodle breakfast at the hotel, we were heading for ?Zhujiang Dock where we would disembark a ship for an around 4 hours' trip down the river to Yangshuo. ?The dock was already filled. Most were foreigners, which was quite different from what I saw in xi'an where most tourist sites were thronged with Chinese tourists. Our ship had two decks. Luckily we got the upper deck seats, which was more convenient to enjoy the scenery. As the boat streamed down, we viewed the beauty of lush pinnacles covered by thick foliage straightly rising. The River wonder its way like a green ribbon with water cleaner than most of the river you see in China. A lush green covers anything on either bank. At times, we gained glimpse of homes on the bank, usually old in very poor condition. ?Water buffaloes meandered in the river as children played at the riverside. ???The boat dropped us at Yangshuo at 2 pm. Yangshuo is a small lovely town about 70m kilometers south to Guilin.. Everything at the town was at leisure, the young hanging out in the streets, grannies with hand fans in hand telling story to their grandchildren, children playing in the garden, middle-aged socializing outside their houses. ??A tiny old street, literally called ”West Street” ran through the town. It is a place where many foreign tourists and expatriates hang out. The street is overflowing with stalls selling almost the same kinds of thins, tourist suvenirs. ..

On our way back,. we caught farmers gathering in the harvest by cutting the rice by hand and threshing it using a machine which they powered by pushing a bar at the front with their feet, before hand tying bundles of hay to dry in the sun. We saw ducks and ducklings being herded by a duck shepherd, woman carrying water, rocks, vegetables in two buckets held from a piece of wood across their shoulders, vegetable farming, men ploughing fields using an iron instrument pulled by Ox. it was a rural idyllic scene.

The third day of the trip was a tough one yet interesting.-two and half hours of driving, first on a relatively even road then into mountainous narrow way winding through mountains. Longsheng is much prettier than I have imagined it to be. Minority villages located at the foot of the grand Terraced Fields, afar towering the lush mountains. Buildings in the villages were distinct looking. These wooden architectures were mainly built on 3 levels and the first for raising poultry, while the second and third were for human. These buildings were very Chinese in nature. The Terraced Fields, however, had a quite different view from these villages. It was a magical work that you could never imagine. Terraced filed can be commonly seen around the world, but this one, no doubt was the largest of its kind. We were told that this awe inspiring field was made hundreds of years ago. After 30 minutes, we climbed up to the top. Standing on the top, overlooking layers of fields winding from the mountain base, imagination fills my mind.

We ended our tour with the Guilin city tour. We visited the Elephant Hill, Fubo Hill and the Famous Reed Flute Cave. All were worth seeing. Guilin is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen