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Shopping in Tianjing

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As one of the metropolitans in China, there are lots of modern shopping malls in Tianjin. But as a historical commercial port in China, there are also some special ancient style stores. The most prosperous business area in Tianjin consists of Binjiang Dao Business Street (in the west of Haihe) and Heping Road Business Street. In this area, you can find many famous shopping places such as Quanye Chang, Hualian Commercial Building, Department Store, Jili Building, and International Shopping Mall etc. It is also occupied by many famous Chinese historical stores including Hendeli Watch, Guan Shengyuan Corner Grocery, Shengxi Fortune Hat etc. When night comes, Binjiang Dao becomes a night market, where you can have a wonderful taste of the delicious local snacks. While enjoy the fantastic night view and snacks, just don't forget to take care of your possessions.

For money exchange, in some big shopping stores or tourism stores, you can get exchanged, where credit card is also available. You'd better get your money exchanged before you go shopping in some street market. Business hours for most of the stores are 9:00 am to 20:30 pm, sometimes until 21:00 pm or even later.

The most famous business street in Tianjin should be Heping Road Tradition Business Street, the No. 1 Business Street in Tianjin. It was shaped at the beginning China Liberation.