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Shanghai, Xian in one week

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I am not sure whether our experience is typical in China but it's so far the most unique travel I have experienced in the several trips I have made aboard.

On my flights from Beijing to Xian, I opened my eyes for everything. Unfortunately, the heavy clouds prevent views of the land below.

We reached Xian timely for the evening dumpling party at the hotel. A large table was set up in the restaurant for the mass production of Chinese dumplings. Guests were invited to take part in the creation of these wonderful morsels. My husband, John became quite a pro. His skill, no doubt, was awesome. Not only were we able to make the dumplings, but we got to eat them too, for free.

We visited the first emperor's Terra Cotta Amry the next day. The sight has been extremely populous throughout the world, evidenced by endless streams of travelers through the entrance. .I wan surprised by the numbers of Chinese within the display hall..The Chinese love to travel and visit places in their own country and are proud of their old culture, indicated by the brilliance on their faces.

The exhibit was astounding and huge. Three really large buildings are needed for the stuff that they have excavated so far, and they think there is more. You can't believe the detail in these life size warriors. Each one has a different face and they even mixed and matched different hair styles. The horses seemed more like small horses or large ponies and the weapons were made of bronze with chrome type plating. This giant project was said to be constructed under Emperor Qin thousands of years ago.

In the afternoon, we toured to the "Big Goose Pagoda"and were amazed at the height. John's hurt knees could not make the trip, so I climbed up the stairs and took a lot of pictures. The gardens were nice and the Buddhist stuff was always so much more relaxed and enjoyable to visit. Few minutes' walk took us to a Muslin market. It was the peak tourist season here; venders all busy with their business. The market was busy and bustling. We then arrived at a souvenir street. Several tourists, most were foreigners, were bargaining for their favorite items. I bargained there for sculpture of small Terra Cotta Warriors. They were some exquisitely made and elegant looking ones that the woman was asking 300 yuan. I ended up paying 50 yuan or about 6 USD for them.. John loves the atmosphere in the market and was always taking pictures of the people.

?Our last day in Xi'an was Sunday. After a late morning rise and a delicious breakfast, consisting of fresh fruit and yogurt, bowl of porridge and two hard boiled eggs, we decided to visit the Mosque. It was not a typical mosque as you may see in the west, but very Chinese in nature.

Our train ?trip to Shanghai was fairly long, about 17 hours. But it was fun. We met two interesting French guys who now taught French at Shanghai Foreign University. We also met one university student who spoke English very well and hoped to go abroad for further education. We enjoyed their company.

Our train pulled into Shanghai early in the morning. ?The city was not yet fully woke up at that time, very quite everywhere.

We started our journey here by taking a walk on the Bund which is a famous riverfront area in Shanghai. It boasts both ancient and modern Chinese features. Many traditional Chinese buildings are located here. the Bund divide the old Shanghai on the west shore from the new modern, fast developing metropolis, on the east shore of the Huangpu River.

We then entered the subway for the Nanjing Road. This is a pedestrian street where cars are not allowed in. Everything caters to the rising can be purchased here. We were back at our hotel for dinner 7 pm. Shanghai is a great place, which might explain why so many foreigners now work there.