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Lijiang—A Place Worth Visiting

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I was thinking of writing my experience of traveling to Lijiang in April, but did not make it until recently. Now in order to be helpful to future travelers, I am about to share it with all of you.

Lijiang is altiplano city combining landscape, civilization, history and folk-custom altogether. It is not only endowed with the wildness and vastness of the altiplano, but also granted with the morbidezza and serenity of typical water towns in south China. Placing yourself in it, you will feel that your heart is being purified by Naxi ancient music. The bridge, the flowing water will leave you a strong poetic ambience. The famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will lead you to the supernatural world. Every street, every tree, every bridge here has its own beautiful story. Her connotation is so affluent that even people would like to spend their life time in exploring and researching. As the point of view and the traveling time differs, Lijiang would also present itself variably in front of different people. Now what I would share with you here is the one in my eyes and some of the anecdotes during my trip.

After a night’s rest, we were appeared energetic and high in spirit. Soon we leave Yongsheng and head directly to the Dayan Ancient Town. In fact, Lijiang is only a town, with Dayan Ancient Town as the center and the surrounding Ninglang County, Huaping County and Yongsheng County. In the traditional sense, Lijiang refers to Dayan Ancient Town which is the ancient town around Sifang Street. As soon as we entered the Sifang Street, we had three deepest feelings which are separately its ancientness, its elegancy and its modernity. All the architecture have best preserved the ancient flavors from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynast. Furthermore, its modernity is embodied by the foreigners because there are more foreigners than Chinese, adding a fashionable color to it. There is no wonder Lijiang is much more popular among foreign tourists than Chinese tourists. And such a difference might have something to do with the distinctive tastes for foreigners attach more importance to the aboriginal, natural and traditional. By contrast, Chinese people are consistently in the pursuit of fashion and modernity.

When the night befallen, we became to realize that it was the best time to enjoy the Naxi Ancient Music. We entered into an old-timely hall with antiquated tables, chairs and cups overspreading in it. And all the band members are all elders with various traditional instruments in their hand. All the people there were absolutely intoxicated in their own world. Let the music be forever! After appreciating the music, we returned back to our tavern for a rest. Tomorrow our destination is the loft and mystical Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is rather divine for Naxi People. It is composed of nine snow mountains with the highest altitude reaching 6,000 meters. And it is covered by snow for the whole year. Meandering along the Shang lira Avenue, we arrived at the foot of the mountain. Initially we tended to take the ropeway, however, it seems unlikely to buy a ticket in such a tourism-hot season.. Therefore we were forced to drive to the back mountain to Spruce ground(Yunshan Ping). Here we had become deeply aware of the grandness of the nature and tininess of ourselves. After enough time there, we had to leave with a strong feeling of reluctance. At the foot of the mountain, Naxi young men were right there exerting their warm welcome to us with their horsed. Therefore, ride a horse you like was a desirable choice. After a while, we returned back to the Dayan Ancient Town. In a waterside restaurant, we listened to some Naxi melodies and savored a few local snacks. Can there be anything better than it. 

The next day we started our journey back home. And my fist trip to Lijiang winded up at this moment.