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A Single Day's Trip in Shanghai

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Shanghai is for long presenting itself with the impression of great numbers of high-rises and interveining transportations. The famous Huangpu River turns the whole city into a misty land, thus making people confused about the directions and the alternation of day and night. As soon as I arrived in Pudong, I made my way directly to the tavern I have already ordered in advance. In such a modern and fashionable metropolis with much higher living standards, accommodation might be the most intractable problem because the prices of big hotels are unacceptable for most of the wage earners. Therefore, finding an accommodation with a reasonable price claims to be the most necessary premise. And to my great pleasure, the tavern I have ordered is absolutely a wonderful choice for me due to its reasonable price and tidy environment.
After a night's rest, I became refreshed and energetic, waiting for my trip into such a mysterious metropolis. After getting in touch with a local travel service, I was warmly accepted by a lady. Then she customized a travel itinerary according to my practical conditions. And after some negotiation about the details, I formally started my expected trip.
The first destination was undoubtedly the symbol of Shanghai-Oriental Pearl which is also called "Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Tower" with a height of 147 meters. And it is reported that the tower is the third highest one in the world. The guide reminded me in advance that the there were only 40 minutes for our visiting for the package tour should always abide by rigorous time table. I arrived at the highest point by elevator in just a minute. The tour guide introduced the leading characteristics of Shanghai in both Chinese and English. She speaks English fluently. Judging from the facial expressions of the foreigners, it seems they were extremely satisfied with the tour guide. In the hall, tourists are able to have a panoramic view of the whole scenery and architecture of Shanghai. All the things suddenly turned to be trivial in my eyes, and I came to realize that the power of an individual is so significant that everyone is, to some extent, depended on others.
The second activity was the Huangpu River Cruise. On the yacht, tourists can face directly to the magnificent architecture and marvel at them. What’s more, it was quite possible that you would strongly get the sense of being engulfed by the vigorous and torrential river.
The third destination was Shanghai Yuyuan Garden. Tourists can do some shopping to their hearts’ content. There is abundance of snacks and silk garments full of local characteristics. However, due to my limited purchasing power, I only selected some characteristic snacks and souvenirs in order to let my family members to experience some kind of local flavor.
The fourth and last one was the famous bench of Shanghai which is always frequented by various people including both Chinese and foreigners. Those international banks standing beside the Huangpu River is still preserving their invasive and possessive gestures. In such a moment, what came to my mind was the famous TV series called “Shanghai Bench”. And it seemed that I were back into that chaotic age, being an actress of that series. The bench was occupied by a great number of people among which there were a few merchants selling divers souvenirs and small gifts, leaving a pleasure to all the people here. The only thing made me deeply moved and reluctant to go was the statue of general Chenyi.
A whole day’s trip only made you intoxicated and infatuated with such a big metropolis. However, I was destined to go. After all, I would never belong to this city. I do not like the hustle and bustle here along with the fierce competition. No matter how do I think of Shanghai, this trip will be an unforgettable experience.