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Brilliant Dalian

Last updated by jasmine at 2008/10/16; Destinations:

As our train rolls out of Dalian on the way to Beijing, both Leo and I agree that we'd fallen in love with Dalian, a beautiful coastal city of northwest China’s Liaoning province. The scenery, culture and its harmoniously-integrated modern and peace were intriguing and amazing.

From the minute we arrived at Dalian Railway Station, we were impressed, this massive modern structure must be one of the cleanest railway stations I'd ever seen in China. I appreciated the cleanliness more than anything else. Clean and modern is my first impression of Dalian. As part of our China package we were met by our Chinese tour guide, Jack, who escorted us to our hotel: Ramada Plaza, which was ideally situated nearby the railway station. We were pleased that our hotel was luxurious and convenient to every corner of Dalian.

After a quick refreshing, we didn't hesitate to begin a full day of sightseeing organized which included a tour of Laohutan Ocean Park which is the biggest modern lido in China; Bangchuidao Scenic Area which is 9 kilometers (some 5 miles) away from the center of Dalian City; and then on to the Xinghai Park which is situated on the southwestern side of Dalian City and borders Xinghai Bay from which it takes its name.; at last, a night stroll on Xinghai Square, the biggest city square in Asia.

We took sightseeing bus No.801 at Shengli Square not far away our hotel heading to the Laohutan Ocean Park. Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park lies in the middle of Binhai district, southern seashore of Dalian city. It harmoniously integrated ocean, mountains and forest. In the Park, many attractive natural sceneries and magnificent man-made sights can be seen: Coral garden which boasts 3000 corals covering 200 different species; Polar Region Marine Animals World; Tigers Sculpture Square; Singing Birds' Woods (Outside the Park) and Happy Theatre. Among them, the Polar Region Marine Animals World is the most interesting. We saw many rare polar animals like beluga whales, sea otters, sea elephant and duckers. Besides, there are also other animals like cute dolphins, lovely penguins, and polar bears and so on. We enjoyed the impressive performance of beluga whales and lovely dolphins, which reminded me my happy childhood. The tiger sculpture on the Tiger Sculpture Square is the symbol of the Laohutan Ocean Park. This 41-meter-long and 7-meter-high sculpture consists of six tigers. It took Mr. Han Meilin, a famous Chinese painter and sculptor, two years and nine months to finish this great work.

Coming out from the Laohutan Ocean Park, we took a yacht heading to Bangchuidao Scenic Area. It is a small ginseng-shaped island, nestled in the ocean. We walk alongside the crescent-esque beach, passing the mountain covered by wild grass and flowers. I have never seen scenery quite like that, except in National Geographic. I can't believe how much I've missed blue skies and fresh air. Lies the only state guesthouse of Dalian: Bangchuidao State Guastehouse, Bangchuidao Scenic Area has welcomed many historically famous visitors, such as Chinese former premier Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping.

We left Bangchuidao Scenic Area with reluctance, going to our next destination: Xinghai Park by boat. As the boat approaching the Xinghai Park, I was becoming excited because I was coming for experiencing the highest Bungee Jumping at sea. After hearing friends brag about their Bungee Jumping experiences, I decided to jump on my 24th birthday in Xinghai Park, the most romantic Bungee Jumping sit in my mind. On arrive, we attracted by its scenery. It is really a beautiful place. Cliff tower above the sea at the eastern and western ends of the park and the cliff tops present stunning views across the bay where sea and sky blend together on the distant horizon. When reach the Bungee Jumping crane, I was as nervous as hell. Standing on top of the Bungee Jumping crane, my nerves were getting the better of me. My feet were tapping and even can’t stand. Then it’s happening. I was strapped into the safety harness, feet tied together, bungee cord attached, and led out to the edge of the platform for the countdown. Five, four, three, two, one – I was off. I screamed and was afraid to open my eyes, imagining that I was flying. Actually, it was my heart that was flying out. And I was bounced back up and oscillated up and down until all the energy of the cord was used up. Finally, I opened my eyes. Oh, my God! I am still alive. Afterwards, congratulated by Leo, I never forgot to take my video. Having evidence of my feat to show off to friends and family at home was an important part of the adventure.

After a delicious dinner, we had a night stroll at Xinghai Square. The night scenery was fascinated which can bear comparison with that of the Bund in Shanghai.

What a busy and wonderful day! Traveling revived me, and I am looking forward to many more happy journeys.