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Discover Guangxi 1 Go through the Sino-Vietnamese border Author:agang

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Guangxi 1 Go through the Sino-Vietnamese border
“Long road, far from its repair”—— This is a border road mainly for military use. Tortuous and zigzagging,it extends to the distant end. When I first saw the road,I was touched by its beauty and marveled by its abruptness.


Border road:The precipitous border road is quiet,Here people and vehicles are scarce.

Steep mountains:I can only use this phrase to describe the mountains here. And in the air there is full of enchanting smell of grass,making me feel fresh and delightful!
Enjoy the sunshine and touch the air:Although in the North it is almost in winter,people here can be wearing T-shirts,enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the warm air.
Village in the forest:A bark of a dog is the cordial greetings from remote place.
After-working borders:More and more concentrated the flavor of the border.
Vietnamese girls:I joked with a Guangxi Hawker (little boy,only he can communicate with me) and said:“How blissful!So many beautiful women,why don’t you pick one as your wife?”while he said:“No,I won’t. ”
Ornithoctonus huwena:Fortunately,these little girls could earn some extra money.For instance ,they sometimes catched tiger spiders (originly called Ornithoctonus huwena,the same amount of venom poisoning of a tiger spider is twice as strong as a Cobra’s)! Each tiger spider could be sold 1.5 yuan to acquisition of Guangxi hawkers,who then sold them to the mainland's rich people as fashion pets. It is said each of tiger spiders worthed 1000 yuan in the mainland.
Lizards was smoking Lizards can be another extra income cause. It is sold 1 yuan. Guangxi hawkers like playing with them by making them smoking. They become very happy when the lizards’faces turn to red.

Puzhai Borders in the wholesale market were seized abandoned garlics. The elder,the vulnerable women and children were working together. What hard lives! 
 Puzhai Look,the handsome Vietnamese guy!
Puzhai The border checking spot is always convenient and safe as long as one goes through it during the regular time.
Puzhai This is Free Tading. People who can earn a lot of money here are more or less have abilities or higher social stances in Vietnam.
Puzhai Vietnam powder stalls;Among them the Vietnamese steamed Changfen is the most famous dish. It tastes smooth,aromatic and delicious when eatened with brine finely chopped meat.

Puzhai Fried chicken with beans is more delicious. The beans are green and cheap,
farmers in Vietnam may never use chemical fertilizer during growing them.

Puzhai The selling carbon Vietnamese was staring at the girl in our team with strange expression,I don’t know what they are thinking.


Three-track railway in Sino-Vietnamese border Three-track railway in Sino-Vietnamese border——the outside two tracks are for our country’s trains while the inside two are for Vietnam’s. The trains of Vietnam are small and very few,and their tracks are narrow and outdated.

The dancing sunset The sunset here is beautiful and special. The scene makes someone linger on it.

About sunshine This kind of sunshine is my favorite one,which can bring the good mood to everyone. Look,starting again!

Hard-going road This road makes me scared but I will never yield to it.


Hard-going road After struggling,we backed to the main road,happy!

Rainy day The roadside hawkers smiled to us,wishing us to buy their products.
Hard-going road This road looks ok,but be careful!

Detian cross-border great fall On the way to Detian great fall,there is a place called Guichun river. Opposite it,there is one of the Vietnamese schools with its flag flapping in the wind.It is very quiet.
 Detian cross-border great fall The beautiful landscape!
Detian cross-border great fall This part of fall belonging to Vietnam is called Banyue waterfall by Vietnams.

Detian cross-border great fall Located on the upstream of Guichun river in Daxin county. The whole waterfall is 100 meters broad and 60 meters depth with 70 meters fall. Together with the Vietnam Banyue waterfall as a whole,it will be 208 meters broad,which is the biggest natural waterfall in Asia and the second one in the world.
Detian cross-border great fall Tiens’kiss. We are appreciating the scenery here. Maybe,what they care about is just good harvest next year.

Golden time I seem to have forgotten whether I was as happy as these children,but today I would like to share happiness with them.


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