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China to see the real life,China to see the real life,Guangxi 2 Visit the northwest of Guangxi

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 Guangxi 2 Visit the northwest of Guangxi

Encheng city: Encheng city is located in the downstream of Lijiang river. With the crossing rivers and quiet paths,this place looks like the Taohuayuan,the ideal place described in the article of Taoyuanming,a poet of eastern jin dynasty.

Stone bridge:The stone bridge is tough,adding to the beautiful landscapes of mountains
and rivers. The whole scenery is harmonious and picturesque.

Refill the car on the way:There was no normal gas station on the way. We must buy the oil in the store. A bottle of no grade gasoline charged 7 yuan,while the same amount just charged 4 yuan in the mainland. To buy or not depends on yourself,the boss will never try to persuade someone to buy his product.

 The village under the fog:When dawn merges into day,the fog is becoming thinner and thinner. The village is becoming active.
Ming-shi countryside:As the state first-class tourists ppot,Ming-shi countryside covers an area of 20 square meters. Mings-shi river is winding and tortuous,along it the scenery is enchanting. The rolling mountains,the green bamboos,the embellishments of farmhouses and the Single-plank bridge,all these sceneries add to the beauty of this place.

Simeng countryside:This place is not very famous,but I was marveled by its broad and magnificent pastoral pattern.


Seeking the Tunliheiyizhuang shanzhai:Climbed over the mountains and went through the gate,we got to the Tunliheiyizhuang shanzhai. Located in the north of Napo County,Tunli Tuen is 14 kilometers far from that county. Always wearing the black clothes,the citizens here still live in the ancient buildings. They always sit in the house covered by the black tiles,listening to the insects and enjoying the wind.

Propaganda on the walls of township house resident:“Plan immunization,protect children’s health”,“TB control,to benefit the people”,“Do ligation after second child birth”,“To produce children while a birth certificate on hand”.
Women in the mountain villiage
.A Zhuang girl in black The beautiful girl was staring at me;I thought she was thinking about the differences between us.