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Discover China Guangxi 3

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Discover China Guangxi 3    The area near Dongbafeng


Dongbafeng is short form of Donglan,Bama and Fengshan mountain areas. It is the poorest old revolutionary base area. With its picturesque scenery and honest folk culture,this area has rich original ecological humanities.  
 The girl is seeing off her brother to school:Because the school is far from home,students have to live in the school during the school time. And what’s more,they need prepare the lodging items by themselves.

Villages in the canyon

Selling citrons:Citron is the specialty in Guangxi province. Among all the great varieties,the citrons grow in sand field are the best. They are sold along the road with price of 2 yuan to 4 yuan .
Oranges:Orange is another specialty in Guangxi province. Farmers live along the road in those days in order to sell their products more conveniently.

The Clinic of the town:The girl was standing at the gate of the town’s clinic. She was a doctor here. Because of the cold whether,she kept rolling her hands in order to get heat. Suddenly,I recalled one of my middle school classmates who attended a nurse school and then was assigned to a remote place to work. Several years ago,I knew she married a local guy who did not match her at all. We all felt pity for her very much.


The roadside martyr’s tomb:The martyr Weibaqun was bored here, but his tomb is not easy to find out now.

My friend,do you implement the family planning?:I was surprised to see the caring and intelligent slogan about family planning here!


The propaganda of the birth control policy:The slogan“pay the social support
expenditure even if you do not implement the family planning”,which
is full of wisdoms
and secrets.


Saluting:They showed their respect to us by saluting. For response,we drove slowly and greeted them.


The making factory:The martyr’s tomb is inferior to there ones. Actually,these are for the dead rich people.

Exploring the mysterious:Xanadu Called Water Cave by local people,it is not a scenic spot. Discovering it,I was eager to have a visit?

 “Trough-like Boat”:This was a famous“trough-like Boat”. But instead of choosing it,I would like to take the modern metal boat in order to enter the cave safely. I thought they were not firm enough.

Entering the cave:After paid 50 yuan,we began to explore the cave.


Dangerous area I should take my courage to take photos here,because this area was hided by snakes. I could not focus on photographing.

 The wonders in the cave Inside cave is full of wonders,but I felt very scared and decided to leave here soon.

The peace in the cave:When you were in this peaceful world,you became calm. May be you would imagine enjoying the peace with your lover. The practical society often makes us uncomfortable.

The explored Water Cave:Near by,there was an explored Water Cave. Here
tourists could enjoy the beautiful scenery and have the delicious Hot Pot dishes as well.
Shuigui:Longlin county needs exploration because it is an old and remote mountain area with many old people and kids. Many places are lack of water as a result of the
underground river caused by solution cavity. In order to improve the
ecological conditions here and solve the drought problem which troubles the local agriculture. Shuigui’s contribution is a poverty alleviation for life and irrigation,for collecting water in the edge of a field.

Anhe river underground:Clear streams follow into the Anhe river underground,and then go to the unknown place.

The grand water filters:The water filters in the lower areas make these places always be dry even if on the rainy days.
The roadside kids:Kids were playing with each other very well. While the elder sister had to help their parents do the housework. For example,collecting the firewood.
The elder sister:Look,mother’s apron is too long for her. Like other girls in the village,she began to do the housework at the very early age.

The natural bridge:As a non-scenic spot,the natural bridge still has
its own beauty and magnificence.


The families under the natural bridge:Locating here,they seem very safe. But is it
true? I wonder.


The natural fairy cave:The natural fairy cave is adding to the beauty of the precipitous mountains.

Bama,the Centenarian village:Longevity village is located at the bapang tun, Ping’an village of Jiayuan town of Bama county. Winding around the river,it has a small population which is all Zhuang nationality with Huang as their first name. There are more than 560 people in the village,5 of whom are Centenarians. And more than 25 of them are at the age of 80 to 99. As for 50 or 60,so many. In Bama county,there are many mountains. So it is quiet and the air is clean. Villagers in the mountain will not be affected by sun radiation because the daytime is short. So they may live longer. At the same time,the houses here are healthily-made:two floors,face to south,second floor for people to live and first floor for storing. Cleanness,capaciousness,ventilation,dryness and good sunshine,all these are most beneficial to health and longevity. People here can see the hill when opening the door. So their activities are most laboring and climbing. That’s why they can live long. Furthermore,their life is simple and quiet so they are all good-tempered,honest,and active,positive without any worry.


Arriving at Bama:In the canyon is Bama. Taking photos on the mountains gives me a feeling of Aerial photographing.

”Pay attention to this for longevity:Give birth in the hospital rather than at home!

Longevity tips .. outlets of Bama longevity village
A 102-year-old woman:She told me her name,but her voice is so vague that I didn’t catch it. As old as she was,she still did the housework everyday.
The 101-year-old man:Another centenarian was cooking in the kitchen. The Centenarians
in Bama seemed to be the main laborers of their families.

Rich dishes:A friend there treats me. He also asked his secretary:“Today my friend comes here from far away,please make some famous dishes especially the sleeve-fish. ”I said to myself in my heart :“Especially the sleeve-fish?”How integrity the local officer is. At last,I found I was wrong. That is“oiled fish”which is small and black in above picture. This kind of fish only exists in some part of the river and it will disappear soon. 5 yuan for one fish. 20 yuan for a plate,my god!A bowl of rice noodle is only 2 yuan. The other dishes are all wild food and expensive local food that I never see.

Safety village:This is the village called Safety village. May be it makes sense just in the children’s eyes.