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My Trip to Three Gorges

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There are two very large and important rivers in China and both of them are named maternal river by our Chinese people. One is Yellow River in north China and the other is Yangtze River in the south. Many Chinese people, especially the young people, want very much to see these two rivers personally as they have learned so much about them when studying in school. As for me, I saw the Yellow River soon after going to college, but the other one? It had always been just a dream until after graduation from college. The Yangtze River is more than 6300 kilometers long and I finally decided to visit the most famous part--The Three Gorges.

Actually before my trip, I had read a lot about the Three Gorges, when I finally was able to visit this area myself, I realized that this trip really means a great deal to me. I had never seen such an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful place in my entire life.

I first arrived at Chongqing city and visited the city area. In China this city has been known as a city of mountains. It is said that looking around in this city, it is better to walk rather than ride a bike,as there are hills and steep roads everywhere. At night I got on the cruise named President No.1 on the Yangtze River,which was a very good cruise ship for visitor to take to have their trip to the Three Gorges. After getting on board and checking in, I couldn't help taking a walk to each floor and finally to the top of the cruise,which was a very big deck for visitors to enjoy the beautiful view on two sides. After dinner I could not get to sleep as I was so excited. Actually I would spend three days on the cruise and sometimes would get off and visit the scenic spots in the mountains. The first night I did not know what time I fell asleep and I only knew that it was very late and when I woke up, I could feel that the cruise was moving. I quickly got up and went to the deck.There had been some visitors there, holding cameras to take pictures while enjoying the beautiful view on the two sides.

All the visitors on board had meals together. As this was the first day, people got very excited and kept talking and talking while having lunch. And after lunch, the cruise stopped at a dock and all of us got shore and were received by some local guides to visit the very famous and interesting place called Fengdu Ghost city,which had a long history of over 2000 years. This scenic spot was actually a place where both Daoism and Buddhism cultures were combined together.I took a cable car to the top and then visited all the ancient styled Chinese buildings and courtyards. As it was named a ghost city, a lot of paintings, and statues of ghosts were observed here. In the past the ancient people believed that when people died, they would become ghosts and the good people would be good ghosts while the bad ones would be punished after becoming ghosts. As a result everybody should be kind and do good deeds all though his or her life.

We spent about three hours in the ghost city and then went back to the cruise. I was very tired and after dinner got to sleep very early,as I knew that the next day we would visit two places, including Baidicheng and Shennongxi. That would be a very busy day indeed!

After having breakfast in the second morning we took another smaller boat and went to Baidicheng. As all the Chinese people had read the famous novel 'The Romance of Three Kingdoms, all of us wanted to see this place very much. The famous king of Shu Kingdom Liubei passed away here almost 1800 years ago. We climbed up a lot of steps and finally got to the top, besides the steles, paintings and statues about the historical events and famous people in history, I was especially amazed by the exhibits of the cliff coffins here,which were very popular in this area. When people died in ancient times, they were first put into coffins and then the coffins were placed at a very high and dangerous cave on the high cliffs of the Yangtze River over several hundred meters high above water .

After two hours' visit at Baidicheng all the people went back to the cruise and had lunch. We began to visit another place named Shennongxi. It was said that when visiting Shennongxi some cliff coffins could be observed high on the cliff . I was so excited and wanted to see the real cliff coffins. We first took another boat to Shennongxi, which was a tributary of the Yangtze River, and it was really beautiful and the water was much cleaner than that of the Yangtze River.There were local villages and ancient style temples in the mountains on the two sides and in some places some monkeys were observed far away on the bank. It was really a good natural place to live in, just like in the paradise. Suddenly some people in the boat screamed,'Coffins' !  More and more people came to the front part and some stretched their heads out of the window. I had been also always standing at the front and could see very clearly there was a coffin high on a very steep cliff, I believed it was over 200 meters high above water. There was no path or caves around. It was just located at a small piece of stone there. I couldn't help wondering, how did the ancient people manage to place this coffin at such a high place, which seemed almost impossible for people to get there even nowadays. It seemed very old. I began to admire the intelligence and spirits of the ancient people. About half an hour later,we got to another small dock and changed into a small old style wooden boat,with two boatmen rowing the paddles, one at the front while the other at the back. And what's more exciting was, that the river was becoming narrower and narrower and some old plank roads were seen including some caves on the two sides. It seemed that we suddenly moved into another world, completely different from the modern world we had used to live in. In the end there were even boat trackers there showing how to pull our boat and of course all the people in the boat to the bank . I believe that must be the highlight of trip that day for all the people. Then we went back the same way. The trip that afternoon was really exciting. I really hope that I would come back to visit this place again in the future.

Also that day we passed the first two gorges named Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge. Of course both of them were very beautiful. But for me I wanted very much to see the big dam. That night the cruise ship had to pass the ship locks. I got up at about 12:00 midnight and got to the deck to see how the ship passed the ship lock. And it was the first time for me to see that .

The third day was the last day on board and also the highlight of the trip,because we would visit the famous big dam. It was so big and at that time not finished. I believed that when it was finished in the future it would certainly contribute a lot to the development of the economy in China. Then the cruise passed Xiling Gorge, which was the last gorge. The weather was not very good that day and it began to rain. But in the rain the sight was even more beautiful. I saw some old small buildings on the banks of the river. After lunch the cruise ship arrived at Yichang city and the trip was over.

Totally I spent three days on the cruise to visit the Three Gorges and of course there were many more scenic spots in this area that I had not been able to see. But since it's my first time to visit the Three Gorges and I believe that was more than perfect. I had fulfilled one more dream. That was to see the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges. One time was not enough, I would sure come back and spend more time here some day in the future.