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Guangxi 4 Travel notes of the places around Nanning

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 Guangxi 5 Yangmei ancient town and Jinxiu Tuen
Yangmei ancient town


Ferry:This ferry is the sole way to go to Yangmei ancient town for people and vehicles. The man ride motorcycle loaded with 2 fridges,like an acrobat. How skillful!


Wild river fish sold beside the ferry


Yangmei ancient town:Built in Song Dynasty,Yangmei ancient town become booming in the transitional period between Ming and Qing with over 700 buildings in Ming and Qing dynasty. At the same time,Yangmei ancient town is a well-preserved historical and cultural heritage with complete human landscapes which reveals the great changes during the history.


Salted vegetable workshop in the town:The salted vegetables are famous and are made in a natural process.


A farmer goes back home with collected pawpaw 

More specific propaganda of family-planning:“The citizens who obey the
rules should pay the cost and undertake coorespoonding legal responsibilities.”


Linjiang Street close to the old wharf

Jinma Street close to the old wharf


Freshly-fried river fish and shrimp sold on the old wharf

 Vehicles mender:The first sight I saw him,I surprised:“How can he be like this?”He looked like a man coming out of the soil with dusty soil all over his body.

The last residential houses in Jinxiu Tuen:Jinxiu is the concentration of Yao people with long history and rich Yao cultures. Yao people’s clothes,residential houses,songs and traditional farming life are all very rich and varied with their own characteristics and
peculiar feelings. So Fei Xiaotong,an anthropologist and sociologist,
said that:“China is
the center of global research on Yao people,and Jinxiu is the center
of research in china. ”

The memorial arch to enter street is also ancient


Good deeds start by me:This is a typical wood-carved board with hollow,and its craftsmanship is incredible. The host’s mind and integrity and his belief in happy life all reveal to us in the words. I can image how it was glorious at that time.

Climbing flats in Jinxiu Tuen:This is the climbing flat of folk houses here. In ancient time,if there was a girl in this family,the boy who

fell in love with her would climb it to meet her. But now it does not mean anything. How the society degenerates.

Last folk houses in Jinxiu Tuen:It was being rebuilt in large scale. I said to them:“It is a pity to tear town these houses and it will be worthy in the future. ”Host said:“You guys from tourism administration cannot help us except taking photos. You did not give us money;we cannot wait till that day!”He thought I was from tourism administration because of my camera.So what I have seen may be the last Jinxiu Tuen.



Various doors:The style of folk houses is unified but with some

differences. Every family has their own value of life which reveals from their colorful
doors,but all showing happiness.