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Guangdong Shenzhen,the night in Guangzhou

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Diwang building:I came to Shenzhen 12 years ago,and now in my eyes it is totally different from the city before which is full of noises . The only unchanged thing more and more high buildings rising up. Shenzhen is not strange any more,so I leave there after taking some photos randomly and meeting some friends.

The psoriasis-like on the ground:The psoriasis-like ads on certification agent and collecting bills overdue are all on the ground in Shenzhen while on the wall in Beijing and some other cities,which show its“environment protection”. Looking at those words,they are all well-written even the calligrapher Wang Xizhi can not compare with them.

Intentions:The mum and her baby is picking up things in the trash can,which makes me astonished at first and keep away from them. It turns out to be deception. And there is the same scene as this beside the trash can not far away which reveal their intentions.

There are many deceptious ways to get money from those kind people

How fashionable He is so identical:pink cap,red bag,recorder on the shoulder,busy with using cell phone. How fashionable!

My friend treats me sea food fresh:My friend treats me fresh sea food. Freshlymade sea food is cheap and delicoiuous.

Shengzi:This is called“Shengzi”,looking fresh.

Sand worms:Sand worms are soft and are still moving. I want to change a dish but my friends insist to eat freshly. I am happy to look aside but never try.

Happy children:The kids are walking under the coconut tree. How happy they are.

The swan gulf in Shenzhen

Holiday villages for recreation at leisure by the sea

Pure and quiet

Beautiful bay

Guangzhou Station:Although the clothes seems fashionable,it is not suitable to her. She may be one of thousands people who come to Guangzhou from remote areas.

Subway:The road to subway.

A spacious and luxurious waiting room

Qi flat:Qi flat is one special feature of Guangzhou as it is a kind of identical architecture. Qi flat. Built in 20 century in Guangzhou,is not
high but with sense of refinement and magnificence. People live upstairs;the downstairs of flat is for opening shops. There are two poles to maintain the balance of the building. Up the poles,there are floors,pediment. The decoration outside the wall is colorful and some
light carving on the wall under the window.The Man window made of glass and wood have the Chinese characteristic. The pediment and daughter wall on the top of the flat is Manzhou one of the features of western ancient architecture.

The girl who looks after shop:The girl in the shop is not alone as she can send messages.

There is always a line in front of the old store with good business

The night in Guangzhou:The most prosperous places at night in Guangzhou may be Beijing road and Up-and—down 9 road,which are walking streets where cars are not permitted to enter. There are many people here with many pretty girls.

The security guide who takes long sticks:Surprisingly,many street security
guide are patrolling in the street. The one who holds a long stick seems to be ready to fight
with others,which shows that the people in Guangzhou are rich.

The clothes of pretty girls are all identical  

The seller is hawking standing on the chair

The waiter in uniform on the street

The enlightened night of Guangzhou  

Busy night,lively street

Taking a break at shopping when feels tired

Fashionable stores

The barbeque

How romantic the night is! Many pairs of lovers are everywhere in the street. How romantic the night is.

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