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Missing the Days in Shuhe Village

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It was at one morning that I suddenly arrived at Shuhe Village with a heavy travelling backpack on my back. Passing through some alleys in the village, I felt the local people were looking at me differently, giving me a strong feeling of being an unexpected stranger. And I suddenly felt guilty for disturbing their quiet and peaceful life.

Stepping on a stone bridge, the sky seemed to be brighter in my eyes abruptly. The water of the river, originating from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, runs through this ancient town. Being the mother river for the people of the Shuhe Village, Shuhe River is constantly blessing the local people. The weeping willows were bending along the river like some slim and beautiful ladies washing their hair, what a wonderful sight. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was standing besides the river like a strong man protecting his own territory, so that this Shuhe Village can be lying there peacefully. Taking a broader view of the village, I could see the weather-beating old houses there, with no walls or tiles, just leaving with some pillars. They seemed like some old men with tenacious vitality, even though they had been through numerous hardships. They have witnessed the vicissitudes of this ancient village, and nobody would be willing to disturb these old men, so I just passed through them quietly. There was a vegetable field behind these old houses. Looking from a slight distance, I could see the golden yellow cole flowers shining in the sun. In this early spring, the cole flowers had already dressed the village with the color of spring. Taking a deep breath on the bridge, I felt quite refreshing.

Hiking forward, a line of folk houses were appeared in my eyes. They were leaning against the mountain and facing the river. Later, a boy named Xiao Dong took me to a folk-style hotel through an alley. The hotel was well reserved in the traditional Naxi style, yet the windows, the doors were all telling its long history to me. There was a sentence in a corner of the house, which I couldn’t understand until the boss explained to me. The general idea of the sentence is: a traveler is perhaps not afraid of distant journey, yet sometimes he does need the comfort and happiness of a family, and that’s what we provide in this hotel.

There was a large parasol in the courtyard, covering a wide glass table, and some guests were drinking tea under the parasol. A small white dog was lazily basking in the sun besides the table. All kinds of flowers and grasses were planted in the courtyard, giving me the feeling of entering a farmhouse. It a short while, I arrived at the door-way of my room. Opening the door, I found the house was quite uniquely decorated with the combination of ancient and modern charm. Although there wasn’t the luxury of the star-level hotels, the modern contracted creed style makes me feel comfortable. What’s more, there was a glass dormer on the roof, from which I could have the chance to enjoy the sunshine during the daytime and appreciate the starry sky at night.

The sky above Shuhe Village was extremely blue without any impurity, just like a bright mirror, reflected by the snow mountain. During the day, I could either lazily lie on my bed to enjoy the enchanting sunshine or listen to some favorite music. Or else, I could go outside to talk with the local people there. Anyway, all the pressures in my life can be put aside, even though it was only for a short moment. Unconsciously, the night might come, and I could find the stars hanging in the sky, and some meteors might flash through the sky, when I could make some wishes, even though it seemed to be quite ridiculous to me. And perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’m missing the days in Shuhe Village.