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Be a Free Man in Sanya

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After the sincere recommendation and persuasion of many friends, I finally decided to pay a visit to Sanya, a seashore city in Hainan Province. However, my actual purpose was to find a large and free place for me to breathe some fresh air, so that the sadness and pressure in this big city can be temporarily alleviated. And the friends around me kept saying that "Sanya is the best", so I was tempted finally.

It was already midnight when I reached Sanya Phoenix International Airport. The moisture-laden breeze kissed me at the very moment I stepping out of the plane, and it made me feel quite refreshing.

In the car, I went on a very long way in the darkness. Looking out of the window, I can only see the shadow of coconut trees blowing in the wind. Finally I saw a signboard, which says, "YALONG BAY", and the area around there was quiet, only a few cars passing by once in a while. I asked the driver how far it was to go, he said it was only a few minutes. All of a sudden, the car made a turn in the street corner, and I finally got to the front gate of my hotel. When I entered the hotel, the fragrant orchid in the hall, the square-shape flower bed, and the hazy lights are all giving me a sense of entering a fairyland.

The next morning when I stepped out of the lift, I was deeply impressed by the long corridor in the yard, which extends in all directions. It leads to the western-style restaurant, the beach garden and the other side of the yard.  Flowers and tropical plants can be found all around the yard, and coconut tress and green meadow can be seen in the distance, how amazing.

Going through the hall, I could go outside directly to the garden and the beach. Passing the bridge which was made up by wooden steps, I can take a look of the entire bay. People always told me that the water in Yalong Bay is the cleanest in Sanya, and you will certainly get to believe it when you are there. The nearby sea water was as limpid as jade, arising waves. The sea water in the distance is like the tears of a baby with the spotless light blue color.

The beach was filled with soft silver white sands. I liked to walk along the beach in the morning, when there were few people playing around there. The occasional laughter could make the scenery around the beach more alive. Being there, I could just sit down peacefully to listen to the whisper of the ocean, and appreciate the approximately transparent blue sky and ocean.

Every morning, I would go swimming at the beach. After mid-day when the sun was burning, I would do some reading or listen to some music under the coconut trees along the beach. At night, I could sit on a rocking chair on the beach, chatting with my friends, or just counting stars in the sky.

Under such environment, it would be quite a romantic thing if you go with your mate. Even without making solemn pledges, the classical romance can still be created by peacefully listening to the waves and winds. At the moment of being together with your mate, the world seems to be your own, and nobody’s going to disturb you.

After this trip, I finally understand that a trip to Sanya will absolutely give you the experience of being a totally free man.