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A Summer Tour to Beihai

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I like travelling a lot, and I have made many plans to travel around the country, but always fail to fulfill them. However, this time my plan of travelling to Beihai was really a quick decision. I made he decision in the morning according to the suggestions of my collegues, and then drove my car heading for Beihai in the afternoon. It is in such a hurry that I had no time to pack anything, just some pieces of clothes. 

From Nanning, the city I live in, to Beihai is not a long journey, and it takes only about three to four hours' drive. When we reached Beihai, the humid sea breeze instantly blow onto my face, together with a fishy smell, which made me quite refreshing. 

After placing our luggage in our hotel, we left for the the Silver Beach, which enjoys the fame of  "The Number One Beach in the World", and that's why we had been all looking forward to be there.  

It was summer, and the sun was burning in the sky, the sea breeze didn't actually cool us down, only making us more eager to drop into the sea.

Walking on the long silver beach was quite an enjoyable thing. The feeling of the feet touching the soft sand was great. The light sorrow deep in my heart was washed away by the waves, leaving me a quiet and peaceful mood. 

The time flied away so soon, after some while  the sunlight faded away gradually. The sun was like a red ball hanging in the sky, making the surface of the sea looking golden yellow, and people started to end their happy swimming time. I was not going to miss the beautiful sunset landscape, so I took out my camera to capture some wonderful memories. 

It would absolutely a great pity for not being able to taste some seafood in Beihai. Because of being late, we decide to have our dinner near the Silver Beach. Although the seafood was quite expensive, it tasted really good, and we ordered lots of shrimps, crabs and cuttlefish. We ate and ate, until we are finally stuffed. Although that was not my first time to eat those kinds of seafood, but it was really a great feeling to eat the seafood near the beach, from where I can enjoy the enthralling night pieces of the sea, how amazing!!

The next day, we travelled to some attractions in Beihai, including the Beach Park and Beihai Underwater World. In the afternoon, we bought some pearls, ornaments in the souvenirs stores, and some dried seafood in the market. After shopping, we were quite reluctant to leave Beihai, heading back to Nanning.