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Low-carbon life in China

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After Copenhagen Conference, low-carbon has become a popular word and a new trend in China. What is low-carbon? Low-carbon means a minimal output of greenhouse gas emissions (specifically refers to carbon dioxide) into the biosphere. Then, we call a kind of lifestyle in which people do their best to reduce energy consumption and carbon greenhouse gas emissions as a low-carbon life.
As we know that the motto of Shanghai Expo is “Better City, Better Life”. Most parts of the Expo are dedicated to low carbon city life, including low carbon buildings and low carbon transport. What’s more, low carbon transports also becoming popular amount Chinese people. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other seven megacities in China are promoting low carbon buses for public transport.
One of my friend begin live a low-carbon life from this year, his downloaded a software from savecan helps his computer to save more power, taking public buses instead of motorbike to work. In China Highlights, we also do our best to reduce electricity consumption, such as we turn off lights when they are not needed, double print the paper and etc.
I believe these small actions means a lot in terms of carbon reduction.