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Senior Year

Last updated by niko at 2010/6/28; Destinations:

Senior year has been over. With many sadness and something, friends and I seperated from that day. Others work across the country, but I choose to live in Guilin for one of my impossible dreams.


Four years ago, we came into the same university. Along the seasons changed time and time again, we are grown and now every one strives for personal dream. How time flies. When we talk about those happy days, just memory left.


A few years later, what happen wiil be? A harmony  family, a successful career or any other wonderful things. May be those people who once in your memory will be change a lot, please don't forget them. beacause we can know each other with destiny, keep this faith, make our future much better than now.


Good bye, my firends. Hope that evrthing goes well with your works.