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Highlight with China Highlights together

Last updated by niko at 2010/7/6; Destinations:

From April 8th to now, three months had passed. If someone asks me how have you been during these 3 months? I will be proud to say that I have worked with a group of high-efficiency, responsible and energetic people.

All the time, I look forward to work in a harmony and spacious office with a large desk. When come to office with the “Good morning” from everybody every morning. You will think that it is another new day. Please throw the sadness and unpleasant thing whatever you got yesterday out.

There are some important things I learn form here:

1. How much better to communicate with other people

2. Do everything with a careful habit

3. Please don’t make a promise easily. Another saying is you must be to do that if you make a promise

4. Responsibility is a calling card of everyone.

Our much tiny behavior has been changed by China Highlights. I think it will affect me all my life. Join in China Highlights, you will highlight with China Highlights together.