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The poetical landscape of Guilin

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When I was in primary school long before, I have learnt the rhesis that “the mountains and rivers in Guilin are the finest under heaven.” What’ more, there has been a famous song called "I want to go to Guilin" which was all the rage at that time. I ever wondered how magnificent the scenery of Guilin would be. Until now, I come to work in Guilin, I am fully convinced that it is extremely reasonable that Guilin is one of China’s most picturesque and inhabitable cities which enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. The natural poetical landscape will give you keen enjoyment as well as gladden your heart and pleaseyour eyes. Guilin, with a population of 670,000, is situated in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China onthe west bank of the Lijiang River. The Li River, the soul of Guilin scenery, is quiet poetical and picturesque. It looks like a blue silk ribbon, on which people can enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content by boat. Along the 100-kilometer stretch of the Li River, mountain peaks rise into the sky. It is one of China's most famous scenic areas.
Guilin is remarkable for its beautiful mountains, clear waters, the spectacular caves, a bewitchingly beautiful scene and so on. The stones are beautifulbeyond description, what a picturesque scenery! Furthermore, there are many strange shaped rocks in Guilin and they are made of limestones. Characteristic landscape is formed in places which are abundant in limestone, such as a limestone plateau and a limestone cave, which attract people as tourist spots with its mysterious feature and hetoric wonder. However, Guilin has a monsoon-influenced humidsubtropical climate, with mild winters and long, hot and humid summers. And snowfall is rare but possible in winter.

There are a large number of scenic spots in Guilin, such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, which really resembles an elephant sucking water. The Elephant Eye Rock perches high up the hill, with a hole running through it from left to right. What’s more, the Reed Flute Cave, seven kilometers northwest of the center of Guilin, is a famous scenic spot, mainly offering a majestic fairyland of Karst caves with landscape and rural scenery. And it is also described as "Art Palace of Nature". The stalagmite and stone flowers of grotesque shapes in the caves create breathtaking spectacles that really gladden the eyes and please the eyes. And they are really a feast for the eyes.

And the Seven Star Park, east of the Li River, is still a bewitchingly beautiful scene. Seven Star Park derives from the Seven Star Cave, is one kilometer away from the downtown. It occupies more than 40 hectares, which is the largest, and most beautiful multiple park in Guilin. The park boasts of the green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks. Besides, the Seven-Star Cave, the zoo and landscape Garden are worthy of being visited. Along the 100- kilometer stretch of the Li River, mountain peaks rise into the sky. It is one of China's most famous scenic areas.

What’s more, Guilin is a place in which people are so friendly and kind-hearted, when I inquire the way to any of them, they will tell me in details in a hot manner. Their genial smile made every guest feel at home and admire to stay here for the whole life. What wonderful place! What friendly people! So if you are available, if you are eager to gladden the heart and please the eye, I advice you to come to Guilin for a visit. And I am sure you will have a memorable and unforgettable trip in such a tourist attraction. However, don’t indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty! You just couldn’t wait!